Foreign Policy Corner

Time to Terminate Washington's Defense Welfare

The spectacle of South Korean president Moon Jae-in proclaiming that the United States cannot attack North Korea without his permission is an embarrassment for a country that believes it has taken...

The Cold War and Americas Delusion of Victory

The Cold War as a system of states ended on a cold and gray December day in Moscow in 1991, when Mikhail Gorbachev signed the Soviet Union out of existence....

Real Clear Foreign Policy

America's Darwinian Nationalism

While other states have survived and even prospered by a ruthless realpolitik of sorts, America, because it was born as a geographic bounty and also as an ideal, is nothing without both.

The New World Order Is Leaving the U.S. Behind

American allies have decided Trump is simply not someone they can do business with.

Can Georgia Be a Useful American Ally?

Georgians — citizens of the country of Georgia, not inhabitants of the Peach State — must have been thrilled last week. Sure, they live in a tough neighborhood with a long, tension-laced...

The Future of U.S.-China Relations Depends on North Korea

Donald Trump’s election has not heralded a new phase in U.S.-China relations. President Trump has gone from saying China cannot be allowed to continue to “rape” the United States to...

What Does an America-First Foreign Policy Actually Mean?

What does an “America-first” foreign policy look like under President Donald Trump? As a start, forget the ancient label of “isolationism.”  With the end of Trump’s...

Is Russia America's Enemy?

The constant stream of revelations that members of President Donald Trump’s administration and his surrogates had direct contact with Russia during and after the 2016 presidential election...

In Europe's Borderlands, the Winds of Change Blow in Every Direction

Europe's borderlands are in flux. From the shores of the Baltic to the Black seas, and from the peaks of the Carpathians to the Caucasus mountains, each country in the borderlands between Europe and...

America's Future Is With India and Israel

The winds of change are blowing not from Beijing, but from Delhi. Trump should seize the initiative.

What Truman Can Teach Trump

The politically astute Cold Warrior knew how to navigate the tides of populism at home while maintaining America's leadership abroad.