Foreign Policy Corner

How the U.S. Should Re-Engage in Yemen

The Trump administration promises to do more against the Islamic State of Iraq and al Sham (ISIS), al Qaeda, and Iran than its predecessor.

Murder, Missiles, and Messages From North Korea

For six months in 2016, North Korea regularly conducted theater missile testing, establishing a pattern before it stopped in late October. Pyongyang then...

Real Clear Foreign Policy

How Lenin and Wilson Changed the World

Two competing universalist visionaries managed to change the geopolitical game.

The Rebalance is Dead! Long Live the Rebalance!

At a March 14 press briefing, Acting Assistant Secretary of State for Asia Susan Thorton laid to rest the “rebalance” or “pivot” to the Pacific — at least in name....

Wilbur Ross Is in the Driver's Seat on U.S. Trade Policy -- For Now

Now that Wilbur Ross has been confirmed as U.S. commerce secretary, he will likely emerge as the most important player on President Donald Trump’s trade team.  Peter Navarro, director of...

North Korea Brings Out Trump's Serious Side

The new U.S. administration has been widely castigated for policy dysfunction, an insurgent view of international alliances and trade, and worrying signals about its approach to core democratic...

America's Role in the World

Over the last few weeks, we have run a series on the U.S. role in the world. We have sought to cover the enduring aspects of foreign policy, and the exigencies and opportunities American leadership...

Trump Has Already Blown It

The president could have started a foreign-policy revolution. Instead, he triggered a foreign-policy revolt.

The Lonely Lament of the Globalists

2016 proved to be a challenging year for globalists. The stunning summertime decision by Britons to leave the European Union, coupled with the equally unexpected election in the United States of...

Trump's Grand Strategic Train Wreck

Believe it or not, the president has a grand strategy. But it's a nightmarish mess.

Donald Trump Has a Coherent, Radical Foreign Policy Doctrine

During the campaign for the American presidency, Donald Trump promised that in his administration only good things would happen. He was somewhat vague about what precisely was good and what was bad....