Foreign Policy Corner

As Temple Mount Tensions Persist, Where's Trump?

US officials are said to be making behind-the-scenes efforts to restore calm. Might the president's own intervention be more effective?

Real Clear Foreign Policy

The Trump Vision for America Abroad

The United States took important steps at the G-20 summit to strengthen Americaâs alliances while still protecting the nationâs interests.

As Trump Meets Putin

At their first face-to-face meeting, the stakes couldn't be higher.

Blue America Reaches Out to the World, Ignoring Trump

States and cities are forming a kind of parallel national government around climate change.

Why We Must Recognize North Korea

The reason that negotiations over North Korea have never achieved anything is simple. Their avowed goal is impossible to achieve. It is well-past time to a

On North Korea, Bring in the Russians

This briefing argues that the United States should attempt to engage Russia as a potential broker of negotiations over North Korea's nuclear and missile programs. Russia's ascension to a more...

George Washington's Enduring Realism

On foreign policy, in particular, Washington cautioned against adopting “through passion what reason would reject.”

The World Is Even Less Stable Than It Looks

Chaos is spreading -- and that's even before getting to America's lack of competent leadership.

Trump Understands That 'The West' Is Broken

This time the West really is divided, probably irrevocably.