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Hezbollah: Iran's Agent, Emissary, and Hammer

The 'Party of God' has evolved from a Lebanese militant group into the spearhead of an international militia network led by Tehran.

Trump Is Determined to Blow Up the Iran Deal

What many observers have been nervously suspecting for months is now clear: President Donald Trump is intent on eviscerating the Iran nuclear deal,...

The Middle East's Next War

The impending collapse of the Islamic State's self-proclaimed caliphate will not bring peace to the Middle East. Instead, another conflict will take center...

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Why the Middle East Hated Obama But Loves Trump

Lebanese Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri, fresh from a summit with Trump, explains a region in turmoil.

Are American Jews Giving Up on Israel?

As the ultra-Orthodox pass new measures governing prayer at the Western Wall and religious conversion, a rift is growing between Israel and American Jews.

Team Trump's Quiet Mideast Success

In a week in which his administration was buffeted by legislative failure and internal dissension, President Trump could still claim one minor success. Two of his aides played a role in resolving...

Next Israel-Hezbollah War Could Be in Syria

While the cease-fire brokered by the United States, Russia and Jordan seems to be holding for now in southern Syria, it might not last for long given the Israeli-Iranian rivalry in the region.

It's Time to Prepare for Iran's Political Collapse

The one thing certain about Iran's future? Another protest movement is coming.

Europe Could Replace America on Mideast Peace

With US President Donald Trump largely working solo on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the EU is preparing its own initiative, which might be launched next fall.

The Ideological Clash at Heart of Gulf Crisis

At issue is the character, role and future of the Muslim Brotherhood and similar Islamist groups across the region.

The Uncertain Fate of Iraq's Largest Christian City

Before Islamic State invaded, Qaraqosh was home to Iraq's largest Christian community. Now liberated after three years of occupation, little remains and former residents are considering whether its...

ISIS May Be on Its Knees, But It Is Not Defeated

Despite setbacks including defeat in Mosul, Islamic State is merely contained and could fill any new power vacuum.

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