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Next Israel-Hezbollah War Could Be in Syria

While the cease-fire brokered by the United States, Russia and Jordan seems to be holding for now in southern Syria, it might not last for long given the Israeli-Iranian rivalry in the region.

Doomsday Averted on the Temple Mount, for Now

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas set aside their mutual loathing to calm tensions when Israeli Arabs launched a...

ISIS May Be on Its Knees, But It Is Not Defeated

Despite setbacks including defeat in Mosul, Islamic State is merely contained and could fill any new power vacuum.

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The Ideological Clash at Heart of Gulf Crisis

At issue is the character, role and future of the Muslim Brotherhood and similar Islamist groups across the region.

The Uncertain Fate of Iraq's Largest Christian City

Before Islamic State invaded, Qaraqosh was home to Iraq's largest Christian community. Now liberated after three years of occupation, little remains and former residents are considering whether its...

The Ayatollahs Billion-Dollar Alaskan Bag Man

Did an elderly Korean-American salmon exporter become a money launderer for Iran?

It's Time to Prepare for Iran's Political Collapse

The one thing certain about Iran's future? Another protest movement is coming.

Islamic State Is Not Dead Yet

The terrorist group may have been defeated in Mosul, but it will return if there is not a clear strategy for rebuilding Iraq.

How Can Iraq Rebuild?

The dilemma is that it needs money -- and will inevitably lose some to corruption.

Israel's Dangerous Game in Gaza

The Israeli government has an interest in Hamas staying in power in Gaza, but pressure on the organization from the Palestinian Authority and Egypt could lead it to provoke another war with Israel.

The Kremlins Contradictory Behavior in Syria

Russia and Turkey consider establishing a military base in Idlib, Syria, as Moscow encourages the Collective Security Treaty Organization to deploy peacekeepers.

What Really Matters in the Middle East

By Jacob L. Shapiro The fight against the Islamic State appears to be going well. On July 9, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi declared victory in Mosul after the city was finally retaken. The...

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