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Syria Has Effectively Ceased to Exist

With Russians and Iranians in control in Damascus, the U.S. bolstering rebels, and no one powerful enough to press for unification, the breakup of Syria is a fait accompli.

Trump Gets It Right in Arabia

The president's solid speech is the first step in rebuilding the foundations of America's strategic partnerships in the Middle East.

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Why Netanyahu Is Unimpressed by Trump

Israel's PM and PA chief Abbas will both lavish accolades on the new US president during his visit – but do they trust him enough to take the political risks he will be asking, just to keep him...

Donald Trump in Israel: He Came! He Spoke! He Conquered!

His determined discipline in the Middle East stood in stark contrast to his recklessness back home.

The Scramble for Post-ISIS Syria Has Officially Begun

A rare strike on Assad regime and its allies signals new dynamics in a long war.

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Why Israel Is Still Divided Over the Six-Day War

Some celebrate the 1967 conflict as a liberation, others believe it launched a disastrous occupation.

We Want Peace, Not a Peace 'Process'

"I love the people of Israel," you told me in the Oval Office. Seeing as this wasn't our first interview -- I had already gotten to know you rather well during the campaign -- I know you were...

Is Trump Palestine's New Hope?

On his recent visit to Washington, DC, Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas surprised many by heaping praise on US President Donald Trump, expressing his hope that Trump will help resolve the...

The Sorry State of Arab Men

They are clinging to the patriarchy for comfort.  

Are Hezbollah, Israel Heading for a Third War?

As talk of a third war breaking out between Lebanon's Hezbollah and Israel is increasing, some analysts say it is highly unlikely given the costs both sides would have to bear.

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