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Wednesday, July 29
The Iran Deal and the Rut of History - Leon Wieseltier, The Atlantic
The Iran Deal: Peace Prizes For War - Eric Schlecht, The Federalist
The Curious Timing of Pollard's Release - Michael Weiss, Daily Beast
How El Chapo Builds His Tunnels - Monte Reel, New Yorker
Migrants in Calais Are a Big Problem for UK - Steven Woolfe, Telegraph
Moscow's Showcase Democracy Is a Sham - Nikolai Epple, Moscow Times
Greece's Relentless Exodus - James Angelos, New York Times
What the West is Forgetting: Turkey Still Matters - Paul Heinbecker, G&M
Resources Key to a China-India Conflict - Palmo Tenzin, National Interest
Japan Dealing With Accounting Scandals - Noah Smith, Bloomberg View
Tuesday, July 28
Kerry Is Talking Too Much About Iran Deal - William Saletan, Slate
African Union Won't Invite Obama Back Soon - Erin Conway, GP
How a U.S. Think Tank Fell for Putin - James Kirchick, Daily Beast
Is PKK Real Target of Turkish Strikes? - Metin Gurcan, Al-Monitor
Winter Is Coming: Turkey's False Spring - Aykan Erdemir, TNI
Uighur Terrorism: An Unhelpful Misnomer - Angela Poh, Diplomat
Hollande's Risky Re-Election Bet - Nicholas Vinocur, Politico EU
The Freak Tsunami that Hit Europe in 2014 - Alex Berezow, RCSci.
Monday, July 27
Lovely, Lamentable London - Roger Cohen, New York Times
How Russia Sees Its 'Little Green Men' - Samuel Bendett, RealClearWorld
Greece and Germany: A Romance Gone Sour - BBC
Romney's Nonsense on Iran - Daniel Larison, American Conservative
Can Mexico's President Recover? - Roger Noriega & Felipe Trigos, RCWorld
Americans Won't Like the New Middle East Order - Steven Metz, WPR
Why Brazilians Want to Impeach Their President - Amanda Taub, Vox
The End of an Age in Economics Approaches - David Rothkopf, FP
Thursday, July 23
Leftward, Comrades! Labour Heads Toward Oblivion - Economist
Who Will Succeed David Cameron? - Ben Judah, Politico EU
Why the Greek Deal Will Work - Anatole Kaletsky, Project Syndicate
Egypt Struggling with ISIS Insurgency - Jared Malsin, Time
Oil Scandal Rattles Brazil's Young Democracy - Dom Phillips, WaPo
Cuba Should Follow the Singapore Model - Debora Spar, Foreign Policy
China's Last 'Immortal' Dies - Gordon Chang, World Affairs Journal
Are We Past Peak Pope Francis? - Barbie Latza Nadeau, Daily Beast
Wednesday, July 22
Of Course Putin Likes the Iran Deal - Joshua Keating, Slate
Why Does Iran Have a Nuclear Program at All? - Z. Beauchamp, Vox
Iran's Next Need: Internal Healing - Haleh Anvari, New York Times
After Iran, John Kerry Must Now Focus on Russia, Ukraine - WaPo
Afghan Peace Process: A Long Road Ahead - E. Winterbotham, Diplomat
Kill Islamic State's Leadership to Kill Its Appeal - N. Feldman, Bloomberg
Discussing El Chapo With Law Enforcment - Ginger Thompson, ProPublica
Spain Looks to Latin America for Work - Simeon Tegel, USA Today
How Greece Can Help Itself - James Surowiecki, New Yorker
Romanian Driver Navigates the Soul of the EU - Juan Moreno, Der Spiegel
Tuesday, July 21
How to Disappear a Country - Amie Ferris-rotman, The Atlantic
We're All Putin's 'Useful Idiots' - Peter Pomerantsev, Politico EU
West Ignores Georgian Borders at Its Peril - George Mchedlishvili, MT
Europe Puts Its Finger on the Trigger - Nathan Siegel, Ozy
Grexit: Schauble Puts Merkel on the Defensive - Der Spiegel
Labour's Crisis Is Tony Blair's Fault - John McTernan, The Telegraph
When Mossad Got an Assassination Wrong - Cameron Ludwick, DB
The 'Phallic' Clam America Sells to China - James Morgan, BBC News
Monday, July 20
Who Wants to Buy Russia's New Tank? - Samuel Bendett, RealClearWorld
History Gives Obama the Benefit of the Doubt - James Fallows, Atlantic
On Iran, Obama Has Chosen Dishonor - William Kristol, Weekly Standard
A Chance for Turkey and Iran to Reset Relations - Akin Unver, Al Jazeera
Putin's Looming Legitimacy Crisis - Robert Person, Moscow Times
Hey GOP: World Isn't a Stage for an Action Film - P. Waldman, The Week
Europe Inc. and the Coming Iran Gold Rush - Pierre Briancon, Politico EU
The Iran Deal Is a Risk Worth Taking - Joe Klein, Time

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