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Thursday, April 16
Where Does Hillary Stand on China, Russia? - Steve Clemons, Atlantic
Dynasties: The Troubling Power of Political Families - The Economist
Isolationism and Endless U.S. Concessions - CA Montaner, RealClearWorld
Ukraine Cannot Be Poland - Judy Dempsey, Carnegie Europe
In Exile, Ready to Save Russia - Ilya Ponomarev, New York Times
Putin's Missiles Bolster Case for Iran Nuke Deal - Fred Kaplan, Slate
Fatal Brain Disease in U.S. Man Likely from UK Beef - R. Rettner, LS
Man Claims to Found New Country in Europe - Noah Rayman, Time
Wednesday, April 15
Obama's Foreign Policy Has a Predictable Pattern - Victor Davis Hanson
Putin's Iran Game Bests Obama - Leonid Bershidsky, Bloomberg View
Stalin Rises From the Ashes in Putin's Russia - D. Hoffman, Moscow Times
Is Turkey's President Following Putin's Lead? - T. Seibert, Daily Beast
Marine Le Pen's Political Patricide - Philip Gourevitch, New Yorker
The EU Must Fix Its North African Immigration Problem - Guardian
The Case for Optimism About Israel - Max Fisher, Vox
It's About Time Cuba Came Off the Terrorism List - Joshua Keating, Slate
America and China Are Now Totally Intertwined - T. Friedman, NYT
Is There Hope for Capitalism in North Korea? - Hy-sang Lee, Diplomat
Tuesday, April 14
How Will Bibi Meddle in Next U.S. Election? - Ben Caspit, Al Monitor
UK Economy Is a Ticking Timebomb - Katie Allen, Guardian
London's Jewel Heist Straight Out of Hollywood - Corinne Purtill, GP
David Cameron Steals Labour's Soul - Will Heaven, Telegraph
The Danger of Russia's Decline - Joseph Nye, Project Syndicate
EU Leaders Snub Moscow WWII Commemorations - C. Neef, Spiegel
How Ottomans Ruined the 20th Century - James Warren, Daily Beast
The Country Sandwiched Between U.S., China - Sukjoon Yoon, TNI
Monday, April 13
It's not the Nukes that Matter, It's the Deal - Stephen Walt, Foreign Policy
Labour's Vague Views on EU Reform - Anand Menon, The Conversation
Obama's Cuba Triumph - Leon Krauze, Daily Beast
Grounded: Russia-Poland Relations - Judy Dempsey, Carnegie Europe
How to Coerce Iran - Robert McFarlane, Washington Times
Is Labour's Strategy Chief Losing to a Student? - H. Lewis, New Statesman
It's Time for Greece to Consider Leaving the Euro - P. Smith, Fiscal Times
Nordic Pact Spooks Russia - Andrew Rettman, EU Observer
Thursday, April 9
Eurozone Revival: Don't Get Too Excited - The Economist
In France, Secularism Is Its Own Religion - Roger Cohen, NY Times
Nuke Deal: U.S. vs Iran Interepretations - S. Shahidsaless, Monitor
What if Saddam Had Invaded Saudi Arabia? - Robert Farley, TNI
How Sri Lanka Won the War - Peter Layton, The Diplomat
India Launches War on Greenpeace - Rama Lakshmi, Washington Post
How Computers Got Revenge on USSR - Slava Gerovitch, Nautilus
Is It So Wrong to Sell Nazi Toys? - Dan Peleschuk, Global Post
Wednesday, April 8
Last Chance to Sell the Pivot - Michael Auslin, Wall Street Journal
Obama Reached an Agreement (Not a Deal) With Iran - Jonah Goldberg
Another Palestinian Statehood Bid? - Tom Wilson, Commentary
Sultan of Turkey: Erdogan's Shameless Power Play - National Interest
Russia's Navy Suffers Another Setback - Anna Nemtsova, Daily Beast
Russia, Putin Can Withstand Sanctions - Andrei Kolesnikov, Moscow Times
Europe's Weakness Revealed in Relationship With China - C. Crook, BV
Japan: Seeking Renewal in the Face of Decline - A. Oplas, The Diplomat
China's First Daughter's American Education - Evan Osnos, New Yorker
On Being Idi Amin's Son - Justin Rohrlich, Foreign Policy
Tuesday, April 7
Exhibition in Iran Will Mock Holocaust - Ishaan Tharoor, WaPo
Saudi Arabia, Iran Fight for Regional Supremacy - Der Spiegel
Iranian Oil Could Cause Price to Nosedive - Steve LeVine, Quartz
The Evolving Jihad in South Asia - Arif Rafiq, The Diplomat
The American Warlord Guilty of Torture - Brian Castner, Daily Beast
Meet Mexico's Fastest Growing Drug Cartel - Ioan Grillo, Global Post
The 'Ukrainian Serengeti' - Dimiter Kenarov, Roads & Kingdoms
UK Party Manifestos: Read Between Lines - Philip Johnston, T'graph
Monday, April 6
Kill the Iran Deal - William Kristol, Weekly Standard
The Inevitability of Iran's Rise - Pankaj Mishra, Bloomberg View
The Long Suffering of Christians in the Middle East - R. Fisk, Independent
Iran Slips the Noose - Ehud Barak, Time
Rwanda Revisited - Colum Lynch, Foreign Policy
U.S. Anti-ISIS Strategy Doomed to Fail - Sebastian Bae, Ramen IR
Mexico's Brat Pack - David Agren, Maclean's
Assad Is Weakening - Economist

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