RealClearWorld Evening Edition

Thursday, October 1
Russia: Superpower or Proxy? - Kevin Sullivan, RealClearWorld
Ukraine, Syria, Russia: A Moment for Sobriety - J. Weickgenant, RCW
Five ISIS Weapons that Russia Should Fear - Robert Farley, TNI
Egyptians Being Forcibly Disappeared - Sophie McBain, New S'man
Is Germany Past 'Peak Merkel'? - Matthew Karnitschnig, Politico EU
American Spies at Munich's Oktoberfest - Rick Noack, Wash. Post
Tony Abbott Was the GW Bush of Australia - Helen Clark, Diplomat
Mexico's 13-Year-Old Psychologist - Jan-Albert Hootsen, Global Post
Wednesday, September 30
Realists, Beware of Russians Making Deals - Christian Caryl, Foreign Policy
NATO Reaches a Fork in the Road - Andrew Michta, Politico EU
Here Is Abbas' Bombshell - Jerusalem Post
The Next Phase of European Power Politics - Adriano Bosoni, Stratfor
Europe Needs America, a Little - Constanze Stelzenmuller, Brookings
Kerry Goes Where Obama Won't - Peter Baker, New York Times
Obama Vs. Putin: A New Realism? - Charles Crawford, The Commentator
Tuesday, September 29
Obama Doctrine: Exit at Any Cost - David Rothkopf, Foreign Policy
U.S. Fails to Stop Flow of Fighters to ISIS - Patricia Zengerle, Reuters
Cyberwars: A Dangerous Game with China - Ryan Pickrell, Diplomat
Will Russia Ruin Erdogan's Plan for Syria? - Kadri Gursel, Al-Monitor
What to Do with the Refugees in Calais? - Anders Fjellberg, NY Times
Can Independent Catalonia Keep the Euro? - Mehreen Khan, T'graph
5 Takeaways from Labour Party Conference - Mary Sieghart, Politico
A Nation of Tall Cheese-Eaters - Ben Coates, BBC News
Monday, September 28
Obama Opens a Door to Russia and Iran - C. Lynch & J. Hudson, FP
Volkswagen Exposes an Unreliable Germany - R. Cohen, New York Times
The Narendra Modi Show Hits the Road - Devjyot Ghoshal, Quartz
The Island of Color Blindness - Michael Mosley, BBC
Obama and Putin Should Cut a Deal - Edward Luce, Financial Times
What Drives French Converts to Islam - Julia Pascual, Worldcrunch
Hillary and Xi Ignite a Flame War - Emily Rauhala, Washington Post
I'm a 'Bad' Migrant and Proud of It - Abdi Aziz Sulieman, New Statesman
Putin, Biden, and the GOP - William Kristol, Weekly Standard
Thursday, September 24
This Is How to Compete with China - Ben Carson, The National Interest
Pope to Congress: We're All Immigrants - Barbie Nadeau, Daily Beast
Greatest Tide of Refugees Is Yet to Come - Jacopo Barigazzi, Politico
Rise and Fall of Erdogan's Turkey - Kazim, Popp & Shafy, Der Spiegel
Will Ukraine Become a European Syria? - The Economist
In Mexico, Women Vanish Without a Trace - Nina Lakhani, BBC
N. Koreans Love Illegal Foreign Radio - Nathan Thompson, Global Post
Where Did the French Go Wrong? - Sudhir Hazareesingh, Aeon
Wednesday, September 23
Can China's Military Pole-vault the U.S.? - P Dombrowski, War on the Rocks
How Obama Can Deter China - Joseph Bosco, RealClearWorld
Obama Leaves Israel Vulnerable to Russia - L.T. Wood, Washington Times
Why the U.S. Needs Cuba in Venezuela - Colin Reed, Ramen IR
Obama's ISIS War Czar Steps Down - J. Rogin & E. Lake, Bloomberg View
Islam's Tragic Fatalism - Mustafa Akyol, New York Times
Will China's Cities Fail? - Carrie Gracie, BBC
Catalonia's Dangerous Illusions - B. Arrunada & V. Lapuente Gine, PS
Tuesday, September 22
Mother Merkel Divides Europe - Der Spiegel
Maps: World's Major Human Migration Routes - Eve Conant, NG
Obama vs. Francis: Different Views of World - Marian Tupy, TNI
Assad: Me Talk Putin One Day - Ben Nimmo, Daily Beast
What Xi Jinping Wants - Kaveh Waddell, National Journal
A World that Likes China But Not Xi - Wertime & Hickey, Foreign Policy
How ISIS Got Its Flag - William McCants, The Atlantic
Explaining the 'Fairy Chimneys' of Turkey - Chris Heller, Smithsonian
Monday, September 21
When Xi Meets Obama - Minxin Pei, Project Syndicate
Battered Greece - Roger Cohen, New York Times
The Star Trek Fallacy - John Feffer, TomDispatch
Lebanon Heads for Breakdown - Lally Weymouth, Washington Post
The North Korea Optimists Are Wrong - Kyle Mizokami, The Week
David Cameron's Rasher Days - Alex Spence, Politico EU
Get Tough With Putin in Syria - Marco Rubio, National Review
Can China, Russia Get on in Central Asia? - Wang & Yampolsky, Diplomat

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