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Thursday, March 26
What Does Obama Want from Netanyahu? - William Saletan, Slate
Congress in the Dark on Iran - Jeff Sessions, RCWorld
Is ISIS in Trouble in Iraq? - Susanne Koelbl, Der Spiegel
The Significance of Saudi Arabia Bombing Yemen - I. Tharoor, WP
A Chinese Naval Base in the South Atlantic? - Robert C. O'Brien, RCDefense
Beware the Beast of the Danube - Nick Thorpe, BBC News
Lee Kuan Yew: Wise Man of the East - The Economist
Iceland: World's Greatest Genetics Lab - Katie Palmer, Wired
Wednesday, March 25
A Brief Political History of the United Kingdom - FiveThirtyEight
A Glimmer of Hope for Fighting Corruption in Ukraine - Am. Interest
Yugoslavia Redux Courtesy of Russia - Vladimir Ryzhkov, Moscow Times
What's So Controversial About Negotiating with Enemies? - Atlantic
We Need a Digital Strategy for ISIS - Bhaskar Chakravorti, Fortune
Obama Confusing Threat and Ally With Iran and Israel - Jeb Bush, NR
Christians in Pakistan Taking a Stand - Ali Sethi, New York Times
When the Hermit Kingdom Turned Ugly - Nicholas Mancusi, Daily Beast
China Wants to Buy Europe - Leonid Bershidsky, Bloomberg View
Japan Has a Serious Demographic Problem - M. Ezrati, National Interest
Tuesday, March 24
What Happened to Germanwings Flight 9525? - Clive Irving, DB
The Return of the Nazi Comparisons - Der Spiegel
How to Pressure Israel to Make Peace - Matthew Duss, Slate
A Raisin in the Israeli Sun - Anne-Marie Slaughter, Project Syndicate
Russia Keeps Close Watch on Yemen - Maxim Suchkov, Al Monitor
UK-Argentina Tensions Rise over Falklands - Harvey Morris, Time
Toward an Un-Grand Strategy - D. Clausen & M. Nurnus, Diplomat
The Ancient City That's Crumbling Away - Razia Iqbal, BBC
Monday, March 23
In My Lai With the Ghosts of a War Past - Seymour Hersh, New Yorker
The Decline of Egyptian Cotton - Walaa Hussein, Al-Monitor
The Fear of Being Gay in Russia - N. Fitzgerald & V. Ruvinsky, Politico
Obama's ISIS Policy - Harry Kazianis, RealClearDefense
The Knights Templar Model For Beating ISIS - Andrew Peek, Fiscal Times
A Talk With Al-Sisi, Islam's Improbable Reformer - Bret Stephens, WSJ
Will Amanda Knox Be Dragged Back to Italy? - Nina Burleigh, Newsweek
The Battle for Russia - Dominique Moisi, Project Syndicate
Thursday, March 19
Palestine a Step Closer to Statehood - Riccardo Fabiani, Quartz
Netanyahu Victory Is Israeli Media Failure - Mazal Mualem, Monitor
Blame Demographics, Not Bibi, For Frayed Ties - Robert Merry, TNI
War on ISIS: The Caliphate Cracks - The Economist
Terrorism & Tourism: Two Faces of Tunisia - Mark Almond, Telegraph
Can Indonesia's Jokowi Recover? - Jon Emont, The Diplomat
Kremlin TV: Putin's 'Documentary' Rewrites History - L. Kim, Slate
The Country Where You Choose Your Tax Rate - Alex Smith, BBC
Wednesday, March 18
How Did Netanyahu Win So Handily? - Anshel Pfeffer, Haaretz
Drama in Israel Just Getting Started - Joshua Keating, Slate
No One Disputes the Content of Cotton's Letter - Jonah Goldberg, NR
These Are Strange Times in Moscow - Georgy Bovt, Moscow Times
Russia Puts NATO to the Test - David Ignatius, Washington Post
Crimea Goes Dark a Year After Annexation - Lagon & Polyakova, WSJ
Corruption Rife in Britain - George Monbiot, Guardian
China Admits It Has a Cyber Army - Shane Harris, Daily Beast
Obama's Asia Policy Flounders - Michael Auslin, Commentary
Modi's Biggest Problem May Be the Banks - D. Nayyar, Bloomberg View
Tuesday, March 17
Netanyahu's Hate Speech - William Saletan, Slate
Will Arab Parties Play Kingmaker in Israel? - Laura Dean, Global Post
Signs of Hope for Iran Nuclear Deal - Laura Rozen, Al Monitor
Yemen: A Country on Brink of Falling Apart - Safa AlAhmad, BBC
Venezuela: Drums of War or Pipes of Peace? - Juan de Onis, WAJ
Sao Paulo Is Running Out of Water - Brian Kahn, Climate Central
The Troubling Rise of Marine Le Pen - The Economist
How Far Will the Euro Fall? - Anatole Kaletsky, Project Syndicate
Monday, March 16
Is It Time for Jews to Leave Europe? - Jeffrey Goldberg, The Atlantic
A European Army Is a Terrible Idea - John Schindler, The Federalist
When Chavismo Wins at the Ballot Box - Mike Inganamort, RealClearWorld
Biden Treats Central American Leaders Like Children - M. O'Grady, WSJ
Sign Me Up to Fight ISIS Demolition of Past - Boris Johnson, Telegraph
United States Must Help Iraq's Kurds Win - Atran & Stone, NY Times
Scottish Voters Are Switched on - Lesley Riddoch, The Scotsman
How Much Is China Really Spending on Military? - Kyle Mizokami, WIB

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