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Monday, December 22
Conquest Is for Losers - Paul Krugman, New York Times
Central Europe Reaches a Crossroads - Antonia Colibasanu, RealClearWorld
No One Knows Where the Oil Price Will Go - Keith Johnson, Foreign Policy
Countering the Neocon Comeback - Leslie Gelb, Democracy Journal
China Shakes up Its Foreign Policy - Timothy Heath, The Diplomat
South Korea's Vulnerable Nuclear Plant - A. Woodward, The Conversation
Breaking a Cynical Turkish Political Bond - Mehmet Yilmaz, Worldcrunch
Fantasy and Gritty Reality in Africa's Party City - Laura Secorun Palet, Ozy
Real Reason for Japan Decline? Baby Bust - Joel Kotkin, New Geography
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Friday, December 19
Putin's Permafrost Parables - Daniel McGroarty, RealClearWorld
Greece May not Be Able to Avoid Snap Elections - Economist
Russia's "Holy Warriors" in Donetsk - Tim Whewell, BBC
Cuba the Incurable Kleptocracy - Romina Ruiz-Goiriena, Daily Beast
It's too Easy to Say Torture Is Always Wrong - B. Gewen, National Interest
The Putin Bubble Bursts - Paul Krugman, New York Times
The Ruble's Plunge Is Bad for Us All - Kevin Lees, Suffragio
Turkey-EU Ties Will Survive - Marc Pierini, EU Observer
Thursday, December 18
Better Cuba than Iran - Max Boot, Commentary
As Cuba Reminds Us, the Cold War Really Is Over - Richard Haass, FT
Putin Hints at no Compromise with Ukraine - Timothy Ash, Kyiv Post
Poland's New Prime Minister Is no Pushover - Emily Cadei, Ozy
A Thaw at Last - Economist
Castros Hit the Jackpot - Rich Lowry, Politico
Torture Revisited: The Battle of Algiers - Alistair Horne, War on the Rocks
Obama Just Got Played - Jose Cardenas, Foreign Policy
Wednesday, December 17
Destabilized Russia Is Not in Our Best Interests - Angus Roxburgh, Guardian
Now is the Time to Undermine Putin - Leonid Bershidsky, Bloomberg View
The Coming Humanitarian Disaster in Eastern Ukraine - Kyiv Post
The 36-Year-Old Tasked with Reforming France - Der Spiegel
Is ISIS the Disease or the Cure? - Patrick Graham, The Globe & Mail
Middle East Democracy vs. Stability Debate Continues - The National
Which Global Conflicts Will Affect the US in 2015? - Uri Friedman, Atlantic
Breaking Down Japan's Election - Brad Glosserman, National Interest
Avoiding Open US-China Confrontation - David Ignatius, WaPo
Kim Jong Un Emerges From the Shadows - Gordon Chang, Daily Beast
Australia Can No Longer Rely on Isolation - Julia Baird, NYT
Tuesday, December 16
Russia Is So Screwed - Jordan Weissmann, Slate
Russians Plot Government in Exile - Anna Nemtsova, The Daily Beast
Sydney Siege and the Lone Wolf Copout - Seth Mandel, Commentary
Canadian Shooter Wasn't a 'Lone Wolf' - Josh Rogin, Bloomberg
America: Australia's Dangerous Ally - Malcolm Fraser, National Interest
Pakistan-Taliban War About to Get Worse - Naina Bajekal, Time
There Is Still Hope for Afghanistan - Shaukat Qadir, The National
A Dangerous Rivalry for the Kurds - Ranj Alaaldin, New York Times
England Won't Put Up with Scotland for Long - Dan Hodges, Telegraph
N. Korean Defectors Excited for 'The Interview' - Isaac Stone Fish, FP
Monday, December 15
Want Torture to Work? Hire Pakistan - Eli Lake, Bloomberg View
You Were Lied to About Ebola - Michael Fumento, New York Post
Abe's Gamble Pays Off - Economist
Australia Gives a Lesson on Responding to Terror - Jordan Valinsky, Mic
Ukraine Races Headlong Toward Capitalism - Patrick Smith, Fiscal Times
Gen. Allen Is the Right Man for Fight Against IS - David Ignatius, WaPo
A Jihadi Holds Sydney Under Siege - Subramanian, Samuels & Allbritton, DB
No Cause for Optimism Against ISIS - Tom Rogan, National Review
Egypt's Atheists May Be Next - Maged Atef & Sheera Frenkel, BuzzFeed
Friday, December 12
Self-Criticism Helps Democracies Prevail - Fareed Zakaria, WaPo
International Law Could Challenge Chinese Claims - D. Rothwell, EAF
China's Changing View of the UN - P. Ferdinand, China Policy Institute Blog
Russia Squanders Its Soft Power - Joseph Nye, Project Syndicate
The Palaces Torture Built - Michael Daly, Daily Beast
Putting the CIA at Risk - Wesley Pruden, Washington Times
Does America Have the Will to be a Superpower? - Andreas Krieg, CNN
Modern War's Subtler Threat to Democracy - Ferejohn & Rosenbluth, Yale

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