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Wednesday, May 27
The Quest for Hitler's Lost Treasures - K. von Hammerstein, Der Spiegel
Will We Do What It Takes to Stop ISIS? - K. Williamson, National Review
We Can Prevent ISIS' Invasion of Baghdad - Kevin Carroll, WSJ
Hollywood in China: Selling Out or Cashing In? - Stanley Rosen, Diplomat
This Was a Truly 'One Nation' Queen's Speech - David Skelton, Telegraph
Spain's Two-Party System Makeover - Stan Veuger, National Interest
Yes, Obama Has an ISIS Strategy. No, It's Not Working - LA Times
Terrorism: Don't Fight It. Contain and Amplify - Thomas Friedman, NYT
Russia Hiding (or Burning) the Bodies in Ukraine - J. Rogin, Bloomberg
Jailed Reporter Tied to Iran Nuclear Ambition - Joshua Keating, Slate
Tuesday, May 26
WaPo Reporter Goes on Trial in Tehran - Adam Chandler, The Atlantic
With Help from ISIS, a More Deadly Boko Haram - Philip Obaji, DB
Political Executions in Sisi's Egypt - Laura Dean, Global Post
Austerity Is the Only Dealbreaker - Yanis Varoufakis, Project Syndicate
China in South China Sea: A U.S. Response - J. Randy Forbes, TNI
A Report Card for Narendra Modi - A. Gowen & R. Lakshmi, WaPo
Monsoon: Nepal's Race Against the Clock - Brian Kahn, Climate Central
Nasty Ragweed Invades Europe - Amar Toor, The Verge
Thursday, May 21
Save Palmyra, or Maniacs Will Raze Civilization - Boris Johnson, T'graph
Israel Silent While Hamas Digs More Tunnels - Shlomi Eldar, Monitor
Egypt's Religious Freedom Farce - Oren Kessler, The National Interest
Narendra Modi: India's One-Man Band - The Economist
How David Cameron Shrunk the Kingdom - Jon Foreman, Politico EU
Beware China's Grand Strategy - Jeff Smith, Foreign Affairs
What Is Killing Kazakhstan's Rare Antelope? - Baker, Sharipzhan, RFE
Osama bin Laden's Extensive Porn Stash - Adam Taylor, Wash. Post
Wednesday, May 20
The Kurds Are Iraq's Only Hope - Ranj Alaaldin, Guardian
Ramadi May Change US Stance on Iran Aid - Jacob Siegel, Daily Beast
The Islamic State's Two Most Powerful Weapons - K. Ramakrishna, NI
The US Needs a New Policy for the Gulf States - D. Bandow, Japan Times
Libyan Chaos Will Thwart Europe's Migrant Plan - Joshua Keating, Slate
US Taking Note of Russian Nuke Violations - Josh Rogin, Bloomberg View
An Unusual Friendship: Bikers & the Kremlin - M. Galeotti, Moscow Times
Putin, Hockey, Rockets, and a Soviet Revival - L. Bershidsky, National Post
Germany's Struggle for the Soul of Returning Islamists - Der Spiegel
Iceland's Role in China's Growing Arctic Interest - A. Guschin, Diplomat
Tuesday, May 19
Desperate Chinese Turn to Mass Suicide - Robert Hunwick, Global Post
Why Cubans Are Still Fleeing to America - The Economist
How David Cameron Could Save His Legacy - Peter Harris, TNI
Why the Labour Party Lost - Peter Mandelson, New York Times
Greece Says Deal Near, Again - Zeke Turner, Politico EU
The Scariest Politician in Israel - Shira Rubin, Daily Beast
Bikers & The Kremlin: A Friendship - Mark Galeotti, Moscow Times
Worrying Rise of Anti-China Sentiment in U.S. - D. Chen, Diplomat
Monday, May 18
After IS Victory, Iraq's Survival Is in Doubt - Peter Hartcher, SMH
Errors and Lies - Paul Krugman, New York Times
More U.S.-Russia Meetings, Please - Mark Adomanis, Moscow Times
China Is Destroying the South China Sea - S. Mahanta, Foreign Policy
The World's Vanishing Languages - Lynn Johnson, Maptia
A Model That Could Drive British Cities to Extinction - L. Hollis, Guardian
The Obama Doctrine Approaches Asian Shores - F. Al Yafai, The National
Will Canada Criminalize Criticism of Israel? - Antonia Zerbisias, Al Jazeera

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