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Thursday, July 2
A Growing Russian Threat to the Nordics - Richard Orange, Global Post
Why Isn't Russia Part of Europe? - Pyotr Romanov, Moscow Times
Brzezinski: 'We Are Already In a Cold War' - Der Spiegel
A Spurned Greece Could Become EU Nightmare - James Stavridis, FP
Is Alexis Tsipras Crazy? - David Patrikarakos, Politico EU
Jewish Population Still Below Pre-Holocaust Levels - A. Taylor, WP
Only 3 Countries Have No Relations with U.S. - M. Schiavenza, Atlantic
Russian City Bans Yoga - Jay Michaelson, Daily Beast
Wednesday, July 1
Russia: Baltic States Were Created Illegally - Samuel Bendett, RCWorld
The Everyday Horrors of the Islamic State - K. Kuntz & U. Buse, Der Spiegel
Time for U.S. to Back African Democracy - James Glassman, RCWorld
Are Jordan and Turkey Invading Syria? - Jacob Siegel, Daily Beast
Selling the Deal Via 'the Other Iran' False Narrative - Commentary
A Good Bad Deal for Iran? - Thomas Friedman, New York Times
Europe Wants to Punish Greece With Exit - Clive Crook, Bloomberg View
The West Is Too Paranoid About Russia's 'Infowar' - Moscow Times
What Have We Been Doing in Afghanistan? - Barnett Rubin, New Yorker
The High Cost of Democracy in Cuba - Joshua Hersh, BuzzFeed
The UN Isn't Aging Well - Matt Thompson, The Atlantic
China's Last Royal - Cecily Huang, The Diplomat
Tuesday, June 30
Greece's Only Hope - Scott MacDonald, The National Interest
What Happens at Midnight? - Jan Cienski, Politico EU
Germany Faces Billions in Losses - Florian Diekmann, Der Spiegel
Athens Seeking New, Last-Minute Deal - Chris Morris, BBC News
Puerto Rico: Little Island, Big Problems - Gillian White, The Atlantic
Getting TPP Right - Simon Johnson, Project Syndicate
Found: Russian Military Base Inside Ukraine - Pierre Voux, Dly Beast
ISIS Feeds the Same Urges as Tolkien - Benjamin Dueholm, Aeon
Monday, June 29
This Is How Grexit Happens - Robert Kahn, Council on Foreign Relations
Greece's Bizarre Referendum - Tristram Sainsbury, Lowy Interpreter
How World War III Became Possible - Max Fisher, Vox
A Crisis of European Democracy - John Fund, National Review
Puerto Rico: "We're Broke " - Michael Fletcher, Washington Post
Iran's Tea Tradition - Angela Corrias, Al-Monitor
The Rule of Boko Haram - Joshua Hammer, New York Review of Books
The Sikhs Who Saved Parmesan - Dany Mitzman, BBC
Thursday, June 25
Islamic State's First-Year Anniversary - MMO Mohamedou, Al-Monitor
Why the Saudis Are Going Solar - Jeffrey Ball, The Atlantic
A Byzantine Coup in St. Petersburg - Maxim Trudolyubov, Politico EU
Russia Could Make or Break Iran Deal - Lynch & Hudson, FP
Pakistan: Lessons From U.S.-India Nuke Deal - Saira Bano, Diplomat
Heat Waves Are Devastating South Asia - Peter Gelling, Global Post
The Sikhs Who Saved Parmesan - Dany Mitzman, BBC News
U.S. Falls in World Happiness Rankings - Rachael Rettner, Live Science
Wednesday, June 24
Cold War Without the Fun - Thomas Friedman, New York Times
Europe's Floundering Migrant Plan - Der Spiegel
Russians Loyal to Russian State, Not Putin - G. Kuznetsov, Moscow Times
Greece Isn't the Problem. Single Currency Is - A. Chakrabortty, Guardian
The US Will Now Negotiate With Terrorists - Joshua Keating, Slate
Thailand's Human Trafficking Problem - Neil Thompson, The Diplomat
Saving Syria's Cultural Heritage - Rashmee Roshan Lall, National
Assessing Shi'ite Militias in Iraq - Michael Rubin, Commentary
The Secret Effort to Save the ISIS Hostages - Lawrence Wright, New Yorker
Iran Nuclear Talks: Clearing the Final Hurdles - R. Marashi, Nat. Interest
Tuesday, June 23
Iran and U.S. Share a Base in Iraq - Josh Rogin & Eli Lake, Bloomberg View
Crimean Gangland - Andrea Chalupa, Daily Beast
The World's Smallest Territory OKs Gay Marriage - R. Zarrell, BuzzFeed
Canada Is in for an Unprecedented Election - Andrew Coyne, National Post
How Nkrumah Liberated Ghana into Oppression - Sean Braswell, Ozy
The Roots of the Word "Euroskeptic" - BBC
The True Nature of BDS - Bernard-Henri Levy, Project Syndicate
Monday, June 22
U.S. Helps Carve Out a Kurdish Enclave - Aaron Stein, War on the Rocks
America Gets a Second Chance in Guatemala - Anita Isaacs, NY Times
Kurdish Advances Won't Defeat ISIS - Balint Szlanko, World Politics Review
In the UK, a Socialist Utopia for the Elderly - Nick Cohen, Spectator
The Saudis Go Solar - Jeffrey Ball, The Atlantic
Mexico's Kings of Satire - David Agren, Maclean's
The Goebbels of the Kremlin - Nina Krushcheva, Project Syndicate
All of Europe's Choices Lead to Chaos - Gideon Rachman, Financial Times

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