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Wednesday, November 25
Putin's War on Far Too Many Fronts - Leonid Bershidsky, Bloomberg View
Bordering on War - Lucian Kim, Slate
US, Malaysia and the War Against the Islamic State - The Diplomat
Can a Centrist Save Argentina? - Virginia Porcella, Daily Beast
We Were Wrong About Iraq. We're Not Wrong About Syria - Telegraph
Tuesday, November 24
Turkey Caught Between Turkmen, Russian Gas - Simon Tisdall, Guardian
The Russians Had It Coming - Con Coughlin, Telegraph
Russia to Blame for Violating Turkish Airspace - Kori Schake, Politico
Why Some Turks Approve of ISIS - Kadri Gursel, Al-Monitor
Moldova: Small Enough to Fail, Big Enough for Putin - Economist
After Kim: 44 People Planning to Run N. Korea - Stephen Evans, BBC
The Le Pens Measure France's Fear Factor - Nicholas Vinocur, Politico EU
The Trouble with Int'l Policy Coordination - Jeffrey Frankel, Proj. Syn.
Demographics Rule the Global Economy - Greg Ip, Wall Street Journal
Ability to Drink Milk Came from Russians - Anna Salleh, ABC Science
Monday, November 23
Putin's Politics of Emergency - Maxim Trudolyubov, New York Times
Argentina's Comeback Will Be Oversold - Alejandro Rebossio, Bloomberg
Corbyn Is Dragging Labour into the Abyss - Dan Hodges, Daily Telegraph
Is the Islamic State Going Global? - Metin Gurcan, Al-Monitor
ISIS Makes the Same Mistake as al-Qaeda - Faisal Al Yafai, The National
Want to Beat ISIS? Help Tunisia - Christian Caryl, Foreign Policy
The Road to Paris Runs Through Iraq - Akbar Shahid Ahmed, Huff Post
The End of Cheap Chinese Labor - Chu & Davis, Wall Street Journal
Why the Radical Right Failed in Australia - Duncan McDonnell, SMH
The World's Unlikely Champion of Gender Equality - Ana Campoy, Quartz
Thursday, November 19
The Right Way to Defeat ISIS - The Economist
Why ISIS Is Winning the Online War - Der Spiegel
Will ISIS Unite Russia and the West? - Brian Whitmore, The Atlantic
Islam vs. Nihilism: A Letter to the Dead - Hassan Yassin, Daily Beast
Beirut Is Not Paris, But It Still Matters - Kevin Sullivan, RCWorld
What Should You Do During a Terrorist Attack? - Camila Ruz, BBC
Belgium Is a Failed State - Tim King, Politico EU
Declining Power of Inter-Korean Relations - Steven Denney, Diplomat
Wednesday, November 18
Why Didn't France Close Its Borders Years Ago? - Thomas Sowell
Taking Terror Abroad: The Islamic State's New Strategy - Der Spiegel
How Belgium Became a Breeding Ground for Terrorists - Slate
Bataclan Generation: For Paris Youths, ISIS Attack Hit Hard - CSM
How Putin Won Russia's War in Syria - Noah Rothman, Commentary
Why'd Putin Wait So Long to Blame ISIS for Jet Crash? - Daily Beast
This Is Why America Should Fear China's Air Force - Michael Peck, NI
How Likely Is a Financial Crisis in China? - Patrick Hess, The Diplomat
Japan Needs Workers. Women Are Ready. - Noah Smith, Bloomberg View
How Corbyn Will Purge Labour - Tom Harris, Telegraph
Tuesday, November 17
The Islamic State Paradox - Jessica Stern, Politico EU
ISIS Taps Dark Web, Encryption Apps - Eric Niiler, Discovery News
Do Refugees Pose a Terrorism Risk? - Diehl & Reimann, Der Spiegel
Paris' Muslims, Jews More Anxious than Ever - The Economist
Should Israel Align with Shia over Sunni? - Ben Caspit, Al-Monitor
Burundi on the Verge of Genocide? - Justin Lynch, Daily Beast
Which Nation's Citizens Are Most Dishonest? - Univ. of East Anglia
15 People Who Started Micronations - Bess Lovejoy, Mental Floss
Monday, November 16
Europe's Long Goodbye to Open Borders - Daniel Wagner, Huffington Post
ISIS Sets a Trap for Europe - Harleen Gambhir, Washington Post
No, Paris Did Not Invite Terrorism - Lee Smith, Weekly Standard
Europe Must Clean Up Balkan Gun Markets - Colin Freeman, Telegraph
The Day the Global Jihad Began - Robin Wright, The New Yorker
Will France Flip on Assad? - Kevin Sullivan, RealClearWorld
Who Benefits Most From Paris Attacks? Assad - Josh Rogin, Bloomberg
The Islamist Zero Hour - John Jenkins, New Statesman
Are Syria's Salafi Movements Splintering? - Mona Alami, Al-Monitor

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