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Thursday, January 29
What if Mexico Is the Next State to Fail? - Ted Galen Carpenter, TNI
Greece and the Troika Should Reach a Deal - Andy Langenkamp, RCWorld
Political Correctness Endangers Europe - Jacques Schuster, Die Welt
Give Guantanamo Back to Cuba - James Lockhart, War on the Rocks
Russian Econ Planners Cite Apartheid-Era S. Africa - S. Bendett, RCWorld
Estonia and the Future of the Cyberstate - Eric Schnurer, Foreign Affairs
Prospects for a U.S.-Russia War? The Scholars' View - Maliniak et al, FP
Israel amid a Fragmenting Middle East - R. Abouzeid, New Yorker
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Wednesday, January 28
Jordan's Offer Emboldens Terrorists - Con Coughlin, Telegraph
New Saudi King's Troubling Terrorist Ties - David Andrew Weinberg, FP
Did Drones Contribute to Yemen's Collapse? - Joshua Keating, Slate
Modi Can Continue His American Honeymoon - Sadanand Dhume, TOI
Bibi Is Alienating Israel's Strongest Supporters - Peter Beinart, Haaretz
Why Does Belgium Produce so Many Terrorists? - Der Spiegel
Czar Putin's Next Moves - Thomas Friedman, New York Times
The Russian News Agency Turned Spy Outfit - Shane Harris, Daily Beast
Japan-South Korea Relations Must Improve - Brahma Chellaney, JT
Free Press Flees Argentina - Mac Margolis, Bloomberg View
Tuesday, January 27
All-Out War Returns to Ukraine - Reid Standish, Foreign Policy
Obama Cuts Funds for Syria's Rebels - Jamie Dettmer & Tim Mak, Daily Beast
The Tussle over U.S. Foreign Policy Is nothing New - Joseph Bosco, RCW
The Pitfalls of a Deal with Greece - R. Kahn, Council on Foreign Relations
Fidel Castro Comments on Deal with U.S. - Mimi Whitefield, Miami Herald
An Atheist's Guide to Islamist Violence - Robert Tracinski, The Federalist
Ukraine's Crisis Is a War Now - Economist
A Quintessential Western Achievement - J. Techau, Carnegie Europe
Monday, January 26
The Top 5 Mistakes in Obama's Cuba Policy - CA Montaner, RealClearWorld
A Talk with Bashar al Assad - Jonathan Tepperman, Foreign Affairs
On to the Fourth Act of a European Tragedy - WR Mead, American Interest
The New Greece of Alexis Tsipras - Judy Dempsey, Carnegie Europe
A Wake-Up Call for Europe - Mark Gilbert, Bloomberg View
Netanyahu Is Right to Go Straight to Congress - Marc Thiessen, WaPo
The Dilemma of Educating Foreign Soldiers - J. Meiser, War on the Rocks
A Very Argentinian Mystery - Jon Lee Anderson, New Yorker
Friday, January 23
Argentina's Bad Bet - Jaime Daremblum, RealClearWorld
What Abdullah's Death Could Mean for Oil Prices - Brad Plumer, Vox
Iraq's Kurds Stand on the Verge of Statehood - Christian Caryl, FP
The Rebel Who May Soon Lead Greece - Yiannis Baboulias, Newsweek
More about Greece's Alexis Tsipras
Europe's Muslim Assimilation Problem Is Real - T. Dalrymple, City Journal
Obama's Foreign Policy Muddle - Fred Kaplan, Slate
All the Top Global Economies Are Weak - J.T. Young, Forbes
Iran to Soccer Stars: No Selfies with Female Fans - Uzi Dann, Haaretz
Thursday, January 22
Obama Must Cut a Deal with Assad in Syria - Leslie Gelb, Daily Beast
Congress Shouldn't 'Blow Up' Iran Nuke Talks - Daryl Kimball, TNI
Boko Haram: The Islamic State of Africa - The Economist
Rise of the Houthis: Yemen's New Power Brokers - Jeb Boone, GP
Will Integration Fix Muslim Radicalization? - Lorenzo Vidino, WotR
Why Saudi Arabia Let Oil Prices Fall - David Goldwyn, Atlantic Council
Burying China's 'String of Pearls' - Christopher Yung, The Diplomat
Doomsday Clock Now 3 Minutes from Midnight - Kaveh Waddell, NJ
Wednesday, January 21
Abe Has Limited Options in Hostage Crisis - Kirk Spitzer, Time
Yemen Coup Hurts US Al Qaeda Fight - Jamie Dettmer, Daily Beast
Jews Are at a Numerical Disadvantage - Jonah Goldberg, National Review
A Golden Age for Special Ops - Nick Turse, TomDispatch
Argentina's Murder Mystery - Mac Margolis, Bloomberg View
Europe Has More to Fear than Fear Itself - Jan Techau, Carnegie Europe
QE Won't Solve the Eurozone's Problems - Phillipe Legrain, Foreign Policy
The Misguided New British Tax on Overseas Profits - Joe Kennedy, ITIF
Neither Russia Nor the US Can Win in Ukraine - Vasily Kashin, Moscow Times
Being Friends with Putin Pays Off - Leonid Bershidsky, Chicago Tribune
Tuesday, January 20
As Yemen Falls, So Does U.S. Strategy - Mark Thompson, Time
The West's Anti-Sharia Hysteria - Max Boot, Commentary
I Lived in a Paris 'No-Go' Zone - L.V. Anderson, Slate
How Big Is Islam's Problem? - Victor Davis Hanson, National Review
The Deadly Legend of Donetsk Airport - Leonid Bershidsky, Bloomberg
China's New Subnormal - Simon Cox, Foreign Policy
The Boko Haram Menace - Togu Ogunlesi, New York Times
Israel: An Asset for Africa - Gabriel Scheinmann, The National Interest
ISIS Provokes Pacifist Japan - Jake Adelstein, The Daily Beast
Did India's Anti-Corruption Leaders Sell Out? - Sanjay Kumar, Diplomat
Monday, January 19
What Is the Point of Davos? - Iain Martin, Telegraph
Hollande's Popularity Surge - Damien Sharkov, Newsweek
Iran's End Game in Nuclear Talks - Heiser & Fakhravar, RealClearWorld
How Congress Daily Undermines America - Edward Goldberg, RCWorld
The EU and Russia: Values or Interests? - Judy Dempsey, Carnegie Europe
Germany's anti-Islam Protests Should be Heard - C. Gohl, The European
Shakespeare with Chinese Characteristics - Ross Perlin, Foreign Policy
Are 1% about to Control 50% of Global Wealth? - P. Cohen, NY Times

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