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Why Saudi Arabia and Egypt Are Competing in Africa

Some observers fear Saudi and Egyptian differences could spread Middle Eastern conflicts to Africa.

Is China Hurting or Helping Ethiopia?

In Ethiopia, the U.S. pushes the diffusion of individual freedoms and China jockeys for collective economic betterment. Both the U.S. and China could lose out if chaos spreads in the Horn of Africa.

A Turning Point for The Gambia?

The Gambia’s presidential election crisis has been of particular personal interest for me. Between 2013 and 2014 I lived in the country as a law lecturer at the University of The Gambia. The...

African Countries Cannot Count on Western Trade Anymore

Trump's commitment to reverse the TPP could also be a silver lining for African trade.

In Key African Nations, Widespread Discontent With Economy, Corruption

Many people in South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya are concerned about their countries' political and economic systems. Yet, there is considerable optimism about the future.

In Somalia, Obama Escalates a Shadow War

American officials said the White House had quietly broadened the president's authority for the use of force in Somalia by allowing airstrikes to protect American and African troops as they combat...

Is China Railroading Kenya Into Debt?

A controversial Chinese-funded railway that will cut through the Nairobi National Park has become a new line of attack for those who oppose borrowing from Beijing.

Posting on Facebook Is Now a Crime in Ethiopia

A state of emergency declared in Ethiopia grows more draconian by the day.

Israel Returns to Africa

Prime Minister Netanyahu's recent visit to Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia and Rwanda was the highlight of diplomatic activity aimed at curbing Iranian influence on the continent, expanding trade ties and...