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Will South Africa's ANC Get a Break From Zuma?

In December, South Africa's ruling African National Congress will elect a new party leader to succeed beleaguered President Jacob Zuma and lead the party into national elections in 2019. Within the...

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With large sections of the world hostile to Israel, the country's Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, is increasingly looking to Africa to fill the void. Last ...

The Death of the Party

Today, once-great political parties in the West and some developing countries seem to be going the way of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. But whereas the CPSU's demise was perfectly logical,...

Climate Change Could Devastate Home of Arabica Coffee Bean

“It would be like losing the Burgundy wine region. Those areas are found nowhere else but Ethiopia."

Zimbabwes Freedom Pastor

Evan Mawarire, the anti-Mugabe.

The Rehabilitation of Africa's Most Isolated Dictatorship

Eritrea is coming in from the cold. Could that spark a shooting war with Ethiopia?

The Worst Humanitarian Crisis Since World War II

The world is caught up in the Trump saga and ignoring a famine that could affect 20 million people in four countries.

6 Things to Know About South Sudan's Civil War

As the civil war rages, prospects aren't good.

China and Africa: Changing the Narrative in 2017

The much-discussed and controversial China-Africa relationship has evolved greatly over the past few years, but common perceptions have not kept pace with changing realities. China has become...