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Whistling Past the Geopolitical Graveyard

Even with geopolitical conflicts proliferating around the world, global financial markets have reached new heights. But while there are many explanations for why investors might be underpricing...

Europe Is Still a Superpower

And it's going to remain one for decades to come.

France, Polls, and the Interregnum

Spare a thought for pollsters around the world; they’ve gotten a bad rap, and their job isn’t getting any easier now. As RealClearPolitics analyst Sean Trende wrote in the aftermath of...

Trump's Plan to End Europe

Why does the president want to undo the post–World War II order? 

Turkey, Secularism, and Religion

The referendum in Turkey on Sunday was about increasing the powers of the president. But on a deeper level, it was about the relationship between secular and religious segments of society. When...

The Second Year of Europe

Of all the challenges confronting the EU, France's upcoming presidential election holds the most significance for Europe's future, and perhaps that of the world. But even if one of the two...

Left-Wing Politician Shakes Up France’s Presidential Race

If this veteran of French politics — he started as a young Socialist senator in 1986 — pulls it off, France's election could end up a contest between two radical outliers. Both Mr....

Hungary's Challenge to Trump

The Administration should fight to preserve Central European University. It's a rare case where ethics and geopolitics are on the same side.

How Germany Won World War II (In 2017)

Has the political upheaval over America's 2016 election inadvertantly made Germany great again?

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