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Can Europe Stop a Venezuelan Civil War?

Since April, more than 130 civilians have died in near-daily protests against the Venezuelan regime. As President Nicolas Maduro continues to cement his dictatorship, the European Union finally seems...

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It Would Take a Miracle to Unseat Angela Merkel

What is so remarkable about the unremarkable? It is that German chancellor Angela Merkel is set to stroll back into office without breaking her stride.

Germany Joins the Resistance

In a bid for relevance, politicians are hammering the American president. That's a mistake.

Europe Could Replace America on Mideast Peace

With US President Donald Trump largely working solo on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the EU is preparing its own initiative, which might be launched next fall.

Can the EU Punish Poland?

IN THE mid-1990s, as the European Union began expanding eastwards, its politicians faced a tricky question. To join the bloc, countries had to commit to democratic standards, human rights and the...

A New G-2: China and the EU?

In light of Washington's wavering, Brussels and Beijing have an opportunity.

Macrons Hopes of Grand Euro Bargain Misplaced

French president risks undermining his programme for economic reform at home.

The Collateral Damage of Russia Sanctions

The legislation on Russian sanctions that the U.S. Congress passed and President Donald Trump grudgingly signed this month was shortsighted. The bill reassured Americans, but it angered Europeans --...

Germany Must Abandon Its Military Reluctance and Lead

Germany enjoys high regard around the world. But with American power weakening and authoritarian powers rising, the country needs to abandon its military reluctance and finally lead in Europe.

Leo Varadkar, the Bright Young Man Leading an Irish Revival

He has thrown down the gauntlet to Theresa May on Brexit and his country is enjoying one of the most remarkable economic revivals that the EU has seen. But Leo Varadkar is not above queueing for a...

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