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Venezuela Is a Ticking Time Bomb

Over the last two decades, the now-deceased Hugo Chavez and his handpicked successor, President Nicolas Maduro, have wreaked havoc in Venezuela. Socialist economic policies and government corruption...

There's Already a Big Immigration Wall: It's Called Mexico

Mexico is intercepting and deporting undocumented immigrants before they reach the U.S.

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Advice from Latin America on Economic Populism

Anti-populists in the US, the UK, and elsewhere must grasp the reality that bad policies pay off, both economically and politically, long before they become toxic. If critics do not understand that...

How Latin America Is Leading the Renewables Revolution

Latin America is poised to take on a lead role on climate change and renewable energy in the global arena in 2017. The enormous potential and rapid spread of renewable energy in the region has fueled...

Will a "Miami Scandal" Turn the Tide of Ecuador's Election?

Ecuador's disgraced former oil minister has surfaced in South Florida accusing the ruling-party ticket of being complicit in an ongoing corruption scandal.

China Is the Dragon at Latin America's Door

Turning 15 is a big deal in Latin America -- the moment when girls come of age, often to extravagant fanfare. So imagine the disappointment in Beijing, Latin America's newest best friend, when the...

Mexico Readies for "New Era" in U.S. Relations

Foreign Minister Videgaray says Mexico will open a dialogue but defend its sovereignty.

Brazil Just Enacted Harshest Austerity Program in the World

The president is giving unprecedented shock therapy to the country's failing economy.

Why You Need Sackfuls of Banknotes to Shop in Venezuela

Last week Venezuela announced it would withdraw its highest-denomination banknote from circulation. Long queues formed outside banks as people scrambled to change theirs before they became redundant....

Trump Opens Doors for China in Latin America

Xi Jinping makes the region an offer it can’t afford to refuse.

Reversing Obama Cuba Policies Could Be Complicated, Costly

Donald Trump has threatened to reverse U.S. Cuba policies, but unraveling commercial deals might require compensation or grandfathering-in companies that have made deals.