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How Diamond Smuggling Drives Central African Religious War - Cyril Bensimon

This analysis first appeared in Le Monde Not a single stone. Not a single carat. Since May 23, 2013, and the suspension of the Kimberley Process - the certification scheme for the origin of...

WHO's Misplaced Ebola Priority - Henry I. Miller, Los Angeles Times

The World Health Organization is nothing if not opportunistic, impulsively jumping on every public health issue that makes the front page. And, of course, it always calls for lots more...

The Poisoning of Africa's Vultures - Darcy Ogada, New York Times

IN July of last year, roughly 500 vultures died after they ate the pesticide-laced carcass of an elephant that had been killed by poachers in Namibia. It was an example of one poaching...

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