Middle East Revolution

Regime Change and Upheaval in the Arab World

America Is Stuck With the Mideast

Walter Russell Mead, Wall St. Journal

Libya: Short War, Long Shadow (PDF)

Royal United Services Institute

Why Democracy Is Still Winning

Gideon Rachman, Financial Times

Israel and the Plight of Mideast Christians

Michael Oren, Wall St. Journal

Global oil markets and global commerce mean that American presidents will simply not be able to set this region off to the side....(full article)

Qatar is more and more assuming the role vacated by Egypt in trying to settle local and international disputes....(full article)

In spring 2011, Western military operations, backed by the Arab League, began against the regime of Muammar Qadhafi. Libyan rebels, after being penned in by the regime, began to ta...(full article)

The authoritarian urge to cross-dress in democratic clothes is an implied compliment to the democratic nations. That matters, because western democracies are going through a cris...(full article)

Just as Jews were once expelled from Arab lands, Christians are now being forced from countries they have long inhabited....(full article)


Most Recent Articles

The Hangover Cure from Ancient Egypt - Lucy Vernasco, Project Syndicate

According to a medical papyri from ancient Egypt, the leaves of the Alexandrian shrub chamaedaphne are the answer. If you’ve never heard of them you aren’t alone. The d...

A Catastrophe in Yemen - New York Times

Saudi Arabia’s military intervention in Yemen’s civil war was always a risky gamble. Now there’s evidence showing just how damaging four weeks of airstrikes have ...

The Unjust Persecution of Mohammed Morsi - Guardian

Western countries should protest against the relentless judicial pursuit of the former president and his colleagues...

For Obama, Iran Detente Always Wins - Jonathan Tobin, Commentary

When Americans heard on Monday that the United States had diverted two capital ships from their stations in the Persian Gulf to new positions off of Yemen, it sounded as if the Oba...

The Yemen Trap - Fred Kaplan, Slate

The civil war in Yemen is a messy power struggle that will likely get worse before it gets better....

Egypt's Revolution in Reverse - David Graham, The Atlantic

Mohammed Morsi has been sentenced to 20 years in prison, a former general is head of state, and charges against Hosni Mubarak have been dismissed—it's like 2011 all over agai...

My Libyan Friend Didn't Have to Die - Ann Marlowe, Daily Beast

The corruption and incompetence of Libya’s “leaders” and the world community has spawned a massive migrant flow into the deadly Mediterranean—and killed my ...

The New, Turbocharged Saudi Foreign Policy - Ray Takeyh, CFR

Saudi Arabia’s incursion into Yemen reflects a new foreign policy that assertively presses Saudi claims in the Middle East and even uses its own armed forces to ensure its in...

Iran Weaves a Middle East Nightmare - Benny Avni, New York Post

In pushing for a deal to stop Iran from getting nukes, Washington hopes to reform Iran so it will “take its rightful place in the community of nations.”...

Our Bad Saudi Friends - Kelley Vlahos, American Conservative

Why is the United States obligated to support the wars and wishes of its brutal, terror-funding client state?...

How Yemen Became a Stage for Proxy Battles - Michael Petrou, Maclean's

Yemen, already the poorest country in the Middle East, is falling to pieces....

America's Failed Strategic Approach to Chaos - Anthony Cordesman, CSIS

The United States now faces a rapidly evolving world filled with new challenges at a time when real-world defense planning is focused on budget cuts, when U.S. "strategy" lacks pla...

Yemen Shouldn't Become Iraq - The National

The first visit to Washington by Haider Al Abadi, Iraq’s prime minister, has been anything but dull. Speaking to reporters on Wednesday, Mr Al Abadi took aim at Yemen and spe...

What's Behind the Latest Saudi-Iranian Spat? - Joshua Keating, Slate

Iranian citizens are pretty isolated from their country’s main global enemies, the United States and Israel. But they are much less cut off from Iran’s regional rival S...

Yemen's President: Save My Country - Abdu Rabbu Mansour Hadi, NYT

Riyadh — My country, Yemen, is under siege by radical Houthi militia forces whose campaign of horror and destruction is fueled by the political and military support of an Ira...

Perilous Escalation in Yemen - Irish Times

Yemen’s civil war is becoming a humanitarian catastrophe, a playing field for regional rivalries and a spoiler in the geopolitical detente between the United States and Iran....

7 Game of Thrones Kingdoms, 5 Real Destinations - J. Phelan, Global Post

Say what you will about the vaguely insane plot and ever more inventive ways of killing off characters, though, there’s one element of the show that’s surprisingly real...

Is Sectarianism a Cause of Conflict, or an Effect? - A. Philps, The National

To judge by media coverage, the conflicts in the Middle East are all sectarian – they are fights between competing religions or between sects within the same religion. While ...

What if Saddam Had Invaded Saudi Arabia? - Robert Farley, TNI

In early August 1990, the Iraqi Army executed a nearly flawless operation to seize and occupy Kuwait. Iraqi forces had grown increasingly lethal in the final year of the Iran-Iraq ...

Saudi Arabia, Iran Fight for Regional Supremacy - Der Spiegel

A Saudi Arabia-led coalition continues to bombard Yemen in an effort to stop the advance of an Iran-backed Shiite militia there. The conflict is becoming a proxy war for regional s...

The Middle East: A Rubik's Cube of Conflict - John McLaughlin, Ozy

Never in modern times has the Middle East been so chaotic. Many of us who have worked in the region have been comparing it — frighteningly — to Europe’s Thirty Ye...

Yemen a Good Test Run for Arab Army - Theodore Karasik, The National

It’s been more than a week since a Saudi Arabian-led coalition launched air strikes against Houthi rebel targets in Yemen. Operation Decisive Storm is made up of 10 Sunni sta...

The Road to a Middle East Grand Bargain - Ali Hashem, Al-Monitor

If Saudi Arabia and Iran were interested, the confrontation in Yemen could give way to a grand regional bargain....

Riyadh's Own Cuban Missile Crisis - Bilal Saab, Foreign Affairs

ith the intervention in Yemen, Saudi Arabia’s military is trying to kill several birds with one stone. In the near term, it is safeguarding the country from what Riyadh perce...

The "Yemen Model:" Obama's Great Failure - Amanda Taub, Vox

On Wednesday, a mere day before Yemen's monthslong crisis collapsed into such chaos that rebels ran the president out of the country, and several days after US special forces had f...

Egypt's Meaningless Rule of Law - Washington Post

ON THE afternoon of Jan. 24, a young Egyptian poet and political activist joined other members of the secular Socialist Alliance Party in peacefully attempting to lay flowers in Ca...

Stop Cheering the Foolish Saudi War in Yemen - Kevin Sullivan, The Week

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia won bipartisan support and praise from Washington last week for its recent push to repel the advances of Iranian-backed rebels in the crisis-prone count...

The Middle Eastern Balance of Power Matures - George Friedman, Stratfor

Last week, a coalition of predominantly Sunni Arab countries, primarily from the Arabian Peninsula and organized by Saudi Arabia, launched airstrikes in Yemen that have continued i...

Saudi Arabia's Ominous Reach into Yemen - New York Times

The Saudi-led military intervention in Yemen threatens to turn what has been a civil war between competing branches of Islam into a wider regional struggle involving Iran. It could...

Autonomous Arab World Sending Message to US - Amal Mudallali, NI

Operation Decisive Storm, the new coalition led by Saudi Arabia to roll back the takeover of Yemen by the Houthis is seen as an awakening by most of the Arabs, a new page that rest...

Turkey's Bad Yemen Move - Fehem Tastekin, Al-Monitor

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s backing for the Saudi-led camp in the Yemen crisis aims both at an indirect score-settling with Iran and injecting Gulf money into th...

Regional Rivalries, Local Suffering in Yemen - The Guardian

The Saudi-led coalition is bombing a country to thwart Iranian influence. The Sunni-Shia clash is becoming an overarching narrative in the Middle East....

Tell Me How This Ends Well - Thomas Friedman, New York Times

I’ve been in China for the last week. It’s always instructive to see how the world looks from the Middle Kingdom. Sometimes the best insights come from just reading the local p...

War Is Consuming the Middle East - Peter Hartcher, Sydney Morning Herald

For many years, the world has looked at the Middle East in fear that any conflict there could spill over into a region-wide war that pits the two great sects of Islam against each ...

Redux: How Yemen Buries Foreign Powers - Asher Orkaby, TNI

In response to pleas from Yemen’s deposed President Hadi and out of concern for the uncertainty of a Houthi-led government, Saudi Arabia announced the beginning of a bombing ...

The Dangers of the Arab Intervention in Yemen - Ken Pollack, Brookings

The news that the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states along with Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Pakistan, and Sudan have launched air strikes against Houthi forces in Yemen should give ...

The Arab World Coalesces Against Iran - Ariel Ben Solomon, Jerusalem Post

The Saudi-led Sunni coalition against the Iranian-backed Houthis in Yemen has no greater supporter than - Israel....

Israel Still Mulling Iran Strike

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was to visit Capitol Hill Tuesday after sitting down with President Obama Monday to talk about Iran.Monday's discussion was important for ...

Syria Slams UN Draft Resolution

Inside VOA | Contact VOA News ...

UN Approves Air Strikes in Libya

A pro-Qaddafi crowd stormed a news conference given by Libya's deputy foreign minister at a hotel in Tripoli early Friday. The United Nations Security Council voted Thursday to aut...

Gaddafi Planes Bomb Rebel City

Libyan students attend a pro-Gadhafi rally organized in the parking lot of the Rixos hotel where the foreign press is staying in Tripoli, Libya, Monday March 14, 2011. Teachers ...

Middle East Upheaval Timeline

 First day of major anti-government action:

  • Tunisia: December 18, 2010
  • Algeria: December 28, 2010
  • Saudi Arabia: January 21
  • Egypt: January 25
  • Yemen: January 27
  • Morocco: January 30
  • Bahrain: February 14
  • Libya: February 15
Rank Country


(full country profile)
  • Average Life Satisfaction: 5.2/10
  • Population: 10.5 million
  • Political System: Republic
  • 83.8% of people feel personal safety*
  • 14.8% of people find others trustworthy*

Saudi Arabia

(full country profile)
  • Average Life Satisfaction: 6.1/10
  • Population: 26.1 million
  • Political System: Monarchy
  • 78.2% of people feel personal safety*
  • 37.1% of people find others trustworthy*


(full country profile)
  • Average Life Satisfaction: 4.7/10
  • Population: 32 million
  • Political System: Constitutional Monarchy
  • 75.1% of people feel personal safety*
  • 58.5% of people find others trustworthy*


(full country profile)
  • Average Life Satisfaction: 5.6/10
  • Population: 35.5 million
  • Political System: Republic
  • 39% of people feel personal safety*
  • 15.8% of people find others trustworthy*


(full country profile)
  • Average Life Satisfaction: 5.1/10
  • Population: 78.2 million
  • Political System: Republic
  • 72.7% of people feel personal safety*
  • 18.2% of people find others trustworthy*


(full country profile)
  • Average Life Satisfaction: 4.8/10
  • Population: 24.4 million
  • Political System: Republic
  • 65.6% of people feel personal safety*
  • 26.9% of people find others trustworthy*

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