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Costa Rica

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The Top 5 Mistakes in Obama's Cuba Policy - CA Montaner, RealClearWorld

What Obama thinks will be part of his legacy - full and cordial relations with a military dictatorship - might turn into a nightmare. For now, it is a terrible mistake, one that none of the...

A Blow to Latin America's Personality Cult - Andres Oppenheimer, MH

Bravo! At a time when several Latin American presidents are promoting a shameless personality cult, Costa Rican President Luis Guillermo Solis last week issued a decree prohibiting the...

Costa Rica Flirts with Chavismo - Federico Delgado

"Where there is a Costa Rican, wherever it is, there is liberty." That's how President Barack Obama framed his closing remarks at a May 3, 2013, press conference alongside Costa Rican...

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