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Hamid Karzai

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Is Karzai Actually a Great Leader? - Leela Jacinto, Foreign Policy

Was Karzai's big-tent approach of accommodating powerbrokers, for instance, simply not appreciated by his bossy foreign overlords (who are not known for their cultural intelligence or...

What Pakistan Knew About bin Laden - Carlotta Gall, NYT Magazine

According to one inside source, the ISI actually ran a special desk assigned to handle Bin Laden. It was operated independently, led by an officer who made his own decisions and did not...

Think Karzai Is Finished? Think Again - Imtiaz Gul, The Express Tribune

Ever since Afghan President Hamid Karzai became vocal in his criticism of the US role in the last decade and publicly made signing of the Bilateral Security Agreement (BSA) conditional,...

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