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Iran's Weak Grip Over Iraqi Militias - Ranj Alaaldin, Foreign Affairs

These groups’ popularity came from their success in rolling back ISIS in places like Tikrit, Diyala, Baiji, and Anbar, as well as preventing the jihadis from expanding further in the...

Did Bashar Assad Win New Hampshire? - Juan Cole, Informed Comment

Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders won big in New Hampshire on Tuesday. Caution is in order, since that state is demographically not very much like the rest of the United States, and both...

Does Obama Not See the Tides of War Swell? - J. Diehl, Washington Post

“The tide of war is receding,” Barack Obama tirelessly insisted four years ago as he campaigned for reelection. Even then, the slogan seemed untethered from reality. Not only...

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