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Nelson Mandela

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Will Mandela's Party Keep His Nation's Heart? - Peter Mellgard, TAI

In the wake of allegations of corruption under Jacob Zuma, the ANC is no longer able to count on Nelson Mandela’s powerful legacy to maintain a lock on politics in South Africa. But...

When Van Zandt & Paul Simon Debated Mandela - Africa Is a Country

Basically, the set up is this: In the early stages of the project, Van Zandt traveled to South Africa, where he met with black activists and experienced the effects of Apartheid first hand....

After Mandela: The Next Global Elder Statesman - Tom Geoghegan, BBC

Nelson Mandela was often described as the "world's elder statesman", a father figure tackling global problems. His moral authority made him, in some people's eyes, a successor to Gandhi....

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