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Palestinian Authority

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The Palestinian Leader's Warning to Israel - Akiva Eldar, Al-Monitor

The assertion that “we will not forget, and we will not forgive,” which Abbas proclaimed in the context of Israel’s activities in Gaza, was the warning siren for an...

Why Is Abbas Playing Hardball with Hamas? - Daoud Kuttab, Al-Monitor

Abbas’ tactic is evident. He sees that Hamas needs him more than he needs it, and he has therefore pounced on this weakness. The Palestinian leader is hoping to be able to reverse...

U.S. and Israel: Illusions of Diplomacy - Nathan Thrall, NY Review of Books

In the early days of the Gaza war that took the lives of some 2,100 Palestinians and seventy-two Israelis, a number of officials in Washington, Ramallah, and Jerusalem began to speak of...

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