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Palestinian Authority

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The Palestinian Authority's War on Facebook - Alex Kane, Al Jazeera

Since 2014, the PA has detained 52 people for Facebook activity, according to unpublished data provided to Al Jazeera by the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor. The monitor also said...

Could Barghouti Lead Fatah from Behind Bars? - Daoud Kuttab, ALM

Family and friends say imprisoned Palestinian leader Marwan Barghouti is in good spirits as talk swirls about the possibility of his leading Fatah, yet some question how effective he could...

Abbas Cannot Be Israel's Policeman - Aaron David Miller, RealClearWorld

Mahmoud Abbas is not Arafat. He has willfully eschewed violence for most of his career, certainly since he replaced Arafat in 2004 and became president of the Palestinian Authority. Nor,...

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