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U.S. Foreign Policy

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The Middle East in 2015: A Lot Like Europe in 1914 - Fred Kaplan, Slate

Stopping the war, or at least drastically curtailing its scope and violence, should be the prime goal of any outside power’s strategy, whatever the geopolitical compromises it might...

Putin's Boldness, Syria's Misery - Jeremy Shapiro, New York Times

But foreign policy rarely favors the bold, even if headline writers do. The Russian move into Syria is indeed daring, but it will not end the Syrian civil war or counter the threat of...

Putin's Symphony Is Meant for European Ears - A. Michta, Amer. Interest

For Moscow, Syria and Ukraine are parts of the same strategic design: to target the Transatlantic security link, to undermine U.S. influence in Europe, and ultimately to dismantle the NATO...

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