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John Oliver on Anti-Gay Politics in Uganda

John Oliver runs down the horrendous record of Uganda persecuting its LGBT community, and how it's largely one American's fault.

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NOW President: We Will Politicize Hobby Lobby Decision

Fareed Zakaria: al-Sadr's Shiite Militia Is Like Iraq's "Own Tea...

Obama: Hillary's "Dead Broke" Comment Won't "Make A Big...

Rep. Issa on Missing IRS Emails: "We Will Probably Never Know"

Lois Lerner Attorney: "Brazen To Think She Did This On Purpose"

Andrea Mitchell: Hillary Clinton Lacks "Self-Awareness," "Out of...

Bill Maher to Hillary Clinton: "Just Go Away Or You're Going To...

Rep. McCaul On Malaysia Plane: "This Was Not An Accident"

What Does Iraq's Renewed Turmoil Mean for Oil?

The Single Best Commencement Speech of 2014?

'Freakonomics' Author: Avoid This Trap!

Forbes: The Fed Doesn't Understand Money

Renewables: The End for Nuclear Power?

Are Regulators Ignoring California's New Fracking Law?

Siegel: Why Stocks and Bonds Both Can Rise

Einhorn: Bernanke Answers "Frightening" During Dinner Chat

Raw: Tornado Cuts Path Across Italy

Tattoos All the Rage in Rome

Cold War Bunker In Bosnia Revived By Modern Art

Hagel: Assessing Syrian Chemical Weapons Use

Protest Against Gay Marriage Turns Violent In Paris

Car Bomb Attack On French Embassy In Libya

China Quake Rescuers Battle Landslides, Debris

EU Ministers Meet To Discuss Syria Oil Embargo

Houston Walks Off Against Detroit

Trout Goes Deep in Kansas City

Slimani Equalizer Sends Algeria to Knockout Stage

Muller Lifts Germany, Joins Top Scorers

Switzerland Tops Honduras to Take 2nd in Group E

Messi Ties Neymar With 3rd & 4th Goals

Suarez Bites Italy's Chiellini

Greece Surprises Ivory Coast 2-1

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Punjab Battles Heroin Addiction

The prosperous northern Indian state of Punjab is in the grip of a worsening drug abuse crisis. It’s estimated more than half of all rural households are home to at least one drug addict, a problem most acute along the border with Pakistan.

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Vacuum of Uprising Gives Syria Kurds Rare Freedom

Life has changed radically for the Kurdish population in the northern Syrian town of Afrin since the uprising against President Bashar al-Assad's regime began last year. And women are enjoying the new wave of freedom as they learn to read and write their once-banned language.

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Lance Armstrong Defiant in Face of Doping Allegations

A defiant Lance Armstrong on Wednesday rebutted the US Anti-Doping Agency's claims that he is a drug cheat, telling throngs of supporters at a Montreal cancer conference: 'I won the Tour de France seven times.'

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Raw Video: 550-lb. WWII Bomb Detonated

Explosives experts in Germany detonated the remains of a 550-pound World War II bomb in central Munich on Tuesday. About 3,000 residents were forced to leave their homes and debris caused fires in several nearby buildings.

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Queen Elizabeth Goes for a Spin in Hoodie

Her Majesty rocked hoodie-like headgear as she peeked over the steering wheel of her Range Rover.

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