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Is Poland Adopting 'Putin-Style' Politics?

The Polish Prime Minister, Beata Szydlo, has rejected criticism of her government's policies that prompted an inquiry by the EU Commission. During the public hearing, some centrist and leftist members of the European Parliament accused the Polish government of curbing media freedom and limiting the powers of the country's constitutional court. The President of the European parliament has described the situation as "a dangerous Putinisation of European politics". The BBC's Katie Razzall sent this report from Warsaw - from

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Jim Cramer: We're in a Bear Market

Ron Paul: Stock Market 'Day of Reckoning' Is Near

Are Low Oil Prices Good or Bad for the Economy?

Fleckenstein: Market More Crash-Prone Than Ever

Sam Zell: Stock Market Correction Coming

Two Experts Warn Correction Could Total 60%

Robert Shiller: "Everything Is Pricey"

Grant: "There's Certainly Going to Be a Big Problem"

Democrats Can't Overlook Foreign Policy

Governance in Africa

In Search of Putin's Russia - Reclaiming the Empire

Eagles of Death Metal Discuss Paris Attacks

What Does the Ma-Xi Meeting Mean For China, Taiwan, and the U.S.?

OSCE Denounces Turkish Election Campaign as 'Unfair'

Why Cuban Cab Drivers Make More Than Doctors

Building Asia's New Bank

Most Expensive Super Bowl Ticket? $25,400

Green Gets 9th Triple-Double in Win Over Sixers

Ted Ginn End Around Kicks Off Panthers Rout

Newton Hits Brown for 86-Yard TD

Curry's Triple-Double Leads Warriors to 40th Win

Harden Drops 30 in Win Over Milwaukee

Palmer Connects With Fitzgerald for 75 Yards in OT

Lucky Completion Puts Away Chiefs

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Julian Assange: 5 Key Moments

As fugitive WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange awaits a UN ruling on whether he's been arbitrarily detained, we look back at his refuge in the Ecuadorian embassy in London

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What Challenges Lie Ahead for Taiwan's New President?

Eurasia Group Director of Asia Nicholas Consonery discusses the challenges ahead for the President of Taiwan. Consonery speaks on "Bloomberg Markets."

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Tourists Flock to China's Ice Festival

Tourists from all over China braved the freezing cold to visit a winter wonderland on Tuesday, as the annual Harbin Ice and Snow Festival kicked off. The attraction features castles, towers and buildings created out of thick blocks of ice - from AP

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The Russians are Coming: Georgia's Creeping Occupation

In July 2015, Russia-backed forces moved the boundary fence between Russian-occupied South Ossetia and Georgia — placing more Georgian territory under Russian control. Georgians refer to this as the creeping occupation, and several people who unfortunately live in the area now have a different citizenship - from VICE News

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Ending One-Child Policy Won't Defuse China's Demographic Time-bomb

Though China is loosening its one-child family policy, the demographic time bomb is still ticking, the WSJ's Andrew Browne explains: The country is getting old before it gets rich - from The Wall Street Journal

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