John Kerry: Iran Deserves the Benefits of the Agreement They Struck


Secretary of State John Kerry joins Morning Joe to discuss the U.S.-Iran nuclear deal and Donald Trump's comments on the nuclear deal.

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: Sorry, just wondering, Andrea, and I'll toss it to you, but are the checks that you have in place enough of an inspiration to get them to behave? And that, that, I think, remains to be seen.

ANDREA MITCHELL: And one of the questions is, why then is the U.S. Treasury, or why is the administration sanctioning the idea of helping Iran get access to dollars, or to get more investment?

I mean, they're clearly complaining that they're not seeing the benefits, so shadow banking, offshore banking...

JOHN KERRY: We're working very hard to do what is fair. Iran...

MITCHELL: But have they proved that they deserve that?

KERRY: They have in terms of the nuclear agreement. Absolutely.

Iran deserves the benefits of the agreement they struck. And President Obama has said it. I have said it. Secretary Lew has said it. And we've, in fact, tried to work to make sure that, that the banks that are supposed to be doing legitimate business with respect to the transactions that are okay after the agreement, that they're operating.

So we, you know, it's fair for Iran to get what it deserves because it kept its part of the bargain to date with respect to the nuclear agreement. The problem is when they choose...

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