Bill Clinton: You Can't Help the Palestinians Unless Israel's Security Is Assured


MSNBC broadcast part of a Clinton campaign event in the Bronx today. There, Bill Clinton responds to Bernie Sanders saying recently that he is the only candidate in the race who sympathizes with the cause of the Palestinians.

BILL CLINTON: [Hillary Clinton] understands something about the Middle East that a lot of people in this election don't. If you really want peace there, if you want a better deal for all the people who live there, if you're sympathetic with the poverty of the Palestinians that seem to be poor nowhere else in the world--when they go elsewhere in the world, they do great. They have the highest per capita income of any ethnic group...just for example in Ecuador, they control the hemisphere's flower trade out of Colombia. They do great.

But you can't help them unless first the Israelis know that the United States is committed to their security, to their prosperity, and to their possibilities. Then you can have some influence to help everybody else. They know she knows that.

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