Turkey's Democracy and National Unity

Turkey's Democracy and National Unity

As I have reiterated on many occasions, the biggest gain from the great period of change and precious progress that has been in place for the last seven years has become national peace and stability in the country.


People serve as the guarantee of this peace and stability. Every single person from all walks of life has a share in this success. Every asset of Turkey belongs to our nation, which cherishes an indivisible unity. For centuries, we have existed and continue to exist as a nation with this in mind.

We have become a nation by believing in each other, relying on each other, lending support to each other and fighting side by side for the same crescent. We have overcome many obstacles and ordeals that stand in our way, by adhering to the same spirit of unity and integrity. We have written many a glorious page of history with this unrelenting and monolithic love for independence. We have established so many glorious civilizations with this love, this bountifulness, with this affinity and compassion and as a single spirit and single body. We have acted as a source of inspiration and illumination for humanity with our model fraternity. Many communities have found the peace, security and compassion they could not find elsewhere under the umbrella of our unity and harmony.

The flag hoisted with collective efforts of our people from the east, west, north and south of this land has become the flag not only of our nation's great devotion to independence, but also of the fundamental values and virtues of humanity. With these virtues, with this mentality of civilization and with this strong awareness of being a nation, we have come to these days. God willing, we will walk together into the future with the same spirit and awareness, and we will undertake many other civilization projects. In this regard, our government has always had this motto in mind: a single nation, a single homeland, a single flag and a single state.

Terrorism and the democratic initiative

The terrorism issue and the democratic initiative have recently been occupying quite a large space on the country's agenda. Everyone should be assured that our intention in undertaking this initiative is to create a democratic environment where everyone living in this county can speak their mind freely. Our priority is to introduce peace to all of our citizens and to every corner of the country. In undertaking the democratic initiative, we do not stress a particular region, be it east or west or north or south, but we assume a total approach to the country as a whole and seek to deal with any problem any citizen may encounter anywhere across the country.

We want to take the rule of law to every single person who is wronged in one way or another. We want both benefits and responsibility of the country to be shared by everyone. We seek to rectify any imbalance in the scales of justice and fairness. We underline that every citizen is entitled to expect the state to create the minimum requirements for a dignified life. We say that it is the duty of the state to provide services to its citizens irrespective of whom they are or where they live. We have volunteered to be servants of our nation, not to act as its master. We undertake the democratic initiative with this scope and with integrity. We want to make Turkey a country where every single citizen can feel alive freely and prideful of our flag, the crescent and star, and walk together toward future goals. We want to make sure that everyone can have dreams for this country with the same hopeful and enthusiastic attitude and with the same ardor and love.

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