'Nowhere to Hide' in Zelaya's World

'Nowhere to Hide' in Zelaya's World

For 74 days now, toppled Honduran President Manuel ``Mel'' Zelaya has slept in the library of the Brazilian embassy, where soldiers outside harassed their former commander-in-chief by barking like dogs, meowing like cats and blasting him with the Mexican ballad Two-legged Rat.

``The Brazilian embassy is a neo-Nazi concentration camp,'' Zelaya told The Guardian newspaper.

The president who was forced out at gunpoint five months ago put his fate Wednesday in the hands of the Honduran congress. By late Wednesday, a majority of lawmakers had voted not to let him finish his term, which ends Jan. 27. The final vote was 111 against Zelaya's reinstatement and 14 in favor, giving the 56-year-old former rancher few hopes of making his way back to the presidential palace.

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