Bernard-Henri Lévy

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  • Sep 27, 2022
    A tour of frontlines and liberated cities during Zelensky’s great counteroffensive revealed a country ruined, ravaged, and on the brink of victory  
  • Aug 5, 2022
    Just a few days after the miserable provocation—in the midst of commemorating the Vel’ d’Hiv’ Roundup—by Mathilde Panot, the head of the left-wing...
  • Mar 28, 2022
    As the Russian squadron blockading the city lies in anchor, Odessites reveal the depths of their courage as they prepare to defend their home.  
  • Feb 24, 2022
    During an Ubu-esque meeting in which he chastised his minions as though in a bad Ernst Lubitsch film, he recognized the independence of the separatist territories of...
  • Jan 17, 2022
    There is a recognizable arc to the type of literary career that most interested the public in the days when art was king, and books and magazines were primary means of distributing...