Robert Kaplan

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  • Oct 8, 2021
    Mobs that form from the bottom up may prove even harder to defeat than totalitarian regimes.  
  • Sep 22, 2021
    There are few things more hidden and precious in the U.S. defense arsenal than the production process for nuclear submarines. The United States shared those secrets only once...
  • Sep 7, 2021
    In grand historical terms, 9/11 might be considered a head-fake, representing a mere interregnum between one period of great-power conflict and another. But in the literal heat of...
  • Aug 24, 2021
    A favourable geography gives the United States many advantages over its rivals, including the ability to fail  
  • Jul 9, 2021
    The country seems on the verge of falling apart. Here’s why it won’t.  
  • May 26, 2021
    Because gross violations of human rights are central to governance in China and Russia, the United States should recognize that its own commitment to internationally accepted norms...
  • Apr 29, 2021
    The clearest perspective on Egypt’s current military ruler is offered by a dissident who has seen previous ones rise—and fall.  
  • Apr 26, 2021
    American foreign policy elites have adopted a partial myth about containment in order to worship at the altar of grand strategy before declaring that such a sweeping approach is no...
  • Mar 23, 2021
    America must try to move Russia away from China and improve relations while maintaining deterrence.  
  • Mar 2, 2021
  • Feb 19, 2021
    It is a conceit of the modern world that history is governed by reason. Reason is like an axe to the living, growing tree of history, with its convoluted branches, each cell and...
  • Feb 16, 2021
    America’s standing in the world can now be improved in quite a number of ways from the top down. The government can be made to work. The State Department can be renewed. But...
  • Feb 10, 2021
    Realism in foreign policy reflects a messy, dangerous world where too little can be distilled into clear-cut moral absolutes, and thus national interest takes precedence over...
  • Feb 1, 2021
    Social media and internal political extremes could undermine the United States  
  • Jan 4, 2021
    America is the world’s leading democracy, and thus we must return to promoting liberal societies and human rights, but do so with limits in mind.