Terror in Pakistan (Updated Below)

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(AP Photo/B.K.Bangash)

A suicide truck bombing has killed at least 40 people today in the Pakistani capital city of Islamabad.

The bombing occurred at the city's Marriott hotel, right near the home of Yousaf Raza Gilani, the nation's current prime minister. Counter-terror intelligence revealed that Islamic militants had likely been deployed all around the country to conduct joint attacks over the weekend. However, the government assumed the worst had passed with the constrictions of the Ramadan fast making an attack presumably less likely. So they thought.

The Daily Times reported yesterday on a madrassa suicide attack in the central Pakistan city of Quetta.

Al Jazeera has some excellent video on the scene of the attack. Senators Obama and McCain have both released statements.

Check in with us throughout the rest of the weekend for more updates and roundups on the situation as it develops.


Yet another suicide bomber has claimed six lives--three soldiers, three civilians--in northwest Pakistan.

I think Matt Yglesias makes a valid point. If a silver lining is to be found in all this, it may be that attacks such as these could have a unifying effect on the country.


The West reacts.

Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari:

"Terrorism is a cancer in Pakistan, we are determined, God willing, we will rid the country of this cancer," he said.

"I promise you that such actions by these cowards will not lower our resolve."


The death toll has risen to 53, including the life of Czech Republic ambassador Ivo Zdarek.

Pakistani blogger Faisal.K of Deadpan Thoughts put it rather succinctly: "So this is what living in Kabul feels like."

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