Regional Solutions or U.S. Problems

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The National Interest's Nikolas Gvosdev suggests a new mantra for the incoming administration:

“Regional solutions for regional problems” ought to be the cornerstone of any future U.S. foreign-policy doctrine. It would be a good step if either presidential candidate would endorse that line of thinking.

Indeed. Although I think that's unlikely. Barack Obama has proclaimed that “the security of the American people is inextricably linked to the security of all people.” McCain, meanwhile, is surrounded by the "benevolent global hegemony" set.

There's little indication that either candidate would be committed to the kind of repositioning Gvosdev suggests. Perhaps the limitations placed on American power by the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, combined with the credit crisis, will lead the next administration to reluctantly share some of the burdens. But it would be a move born of dire necessity, not prudent forethought.

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