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A quick roundup of Tuesday evening's headlines from Latin America:

Brazil's O Globo: Bovespa drops 4,01% with investors frustrated with Obama's speech. The article states that Obama's speech did not save the day in the stock markets. Investors were not encouraged by Obama's statement that the challenges we face are serious and many, and

"They will not be met easily or in a short span of time."
The article said that expectations were high but the speech was too vague on the economy.

O Globo's top story today is Obama orders Guantanamo trials suspended for 120 days.

Venezuela's El Universal: Today's headline - US Chargé d'Affaires advocates respectful dialogue with Venezuela: Deputy Chief of Mission of the US Embassy in Caracas John Caulfield said he was optimistic of the upcoming relationship

The student demonstrations in Caracas were El Universal's top stories yesterday and this morning.

Also from Venezuela, Noticias 24 carried articles on the inauguration but their website changes the top story as news arise. Their headline read, "Barack Obama sworn in, is now President of the United States", which earlier in the day read, "Barack Obama makes history as US's first black President."

Puerto Rico's El Vocero: The Obama era starts

A new era has started for the United States and for the world: Barack Obama is now the North American country's 44th President to be sworn in at the Washington Capitol building in front of a huge crowd of people filled with emotion, excitement and hope.

Mexico's El Universal: Obama arrives at the White House

The sun, which had been hiding during lunchtime, shone brightly again during the [Obamas'] trajectory celebrating the swearing in of the 44th President of the United States; sometimes he rode in his car, sometimes he walked.

Argentina's Clarín: Obama sworn in as US President: "Hope won over fear"

This afternoon Barack Obama became the United States' first black President. And he did it in front of a crowd convening at the Capitol to witness the historic event. In a speech that was directed as much to the country as it was to the rest of the world, he talked about the challenges his country faces, which he said, "is ready to return to leadership." And insisted that his electoral victory was the triumph of "hope over fear."
Today's top headline at Clarin: Europe supports Obama's decision suspending the Guantanamo trials. showing a photo of Obama replacing Bush's:


The story's headline was later changed to "After Obama's request, one Guantánamo trial suspended."

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