Venezuela: More Anti-Semitism

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The End of Venezuela as I Know It posts,

I'm putting as a picture, a poster made by the White Hand (Student) movement for the campaign against the Amendment that it could allow Chavez or any other to be re-elected as president indefinitely. It says "They offer us living in peace but they can't control the violence of their groups?" I'm not publishing this poster today because of the NO campaign. I'm doing it because last night, a group of armed men entered a synagogue causing damages and leaving hate messages on the walls of the temple. I often feel confused about the ways the Revolution defines itself, specially when it comes to define the enemies.
Here's the poster:


The poster asks,

They offer us to live in peace, but they can't control their sympathizer's violence?

Indefinite re-election... Better NOT

The End of Venezuela's point is that the revolution needs new enemies, and the Jewish community is now becoming a scapegoat.

Noticias24 has photos of the vandalized synagogue:



Out. Die now.

YNet reports that the synagogue was vandalized late Friday night by armed assailants. Noticias 24 says that it was a group of as many as fifteen people who vandalized the synagogue. On January 21 and 22 the exterior of the synagogue had already been vandalized with graffiti.

It wasn't the first anti-Semitic graffitti to appear in Caracas.


Jews assassins terrorists


Jews I sh*t on your star

Last July I translated at my blog an anti-Israel ad that apparently was paid for by the governor’s office of the State of Anzoategui.

Fausta Wertz also blogs at Fausta's Blog

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