Fall of America: A View from 2089

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We have heard plenty of doom and gloom prognostications of the decline of the United States - and have seen just as many articles and analyses that point to the longevity and resilience of American society and economy in the coming decades. These predictions range from a complete collapse of the United States into 6 or 7 independent states by 2012, to an optimistic overview of US economy still going strong well into the 21st century. If future is indeed a mystery, and correct historical predictions are a tough gamble, then this reading from the New York Times can be filed under "Run for the f*&^%ing hills, for the end is near!!!" Whether it was intended as a cynical overview of what is currently taking place in our country, or as a warning, of sorts, the article by Ben Stein, written as an entry in a 2089 Chinese history textbook, is one heck of an eye catcher. Some highlights:

A spectacular constriction of credit, despite the flooding of the economy with dollars, following the advent of the financial crisis in 2008;

Prolonged slowdown of the economy;

The confidence that American lenders had in the rule of law, probably one of the main pillars of the economy, was demolished by government actions that invalidated some lenders’ long-held legal rights in favor of ad hoc attempts to please various political constituencies.

Unopposed secession of Texas and Alaska from the nation;

... and more. Its a shot article, but an interesting - if scary- read.

Yevgeny Bendersky is the Senior Strategic Advisor for International Operations at Jenkins Hill International, LLC and a RealClearWorld contributor.
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