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Unsettling news from STRATFOR:

Prior to the announcement of the results, Mousavi held a press conference in which he said he was the winner of the election. The opposition camp is greatly concerned about fraud, and STRATFOR has been told that Mousavi has vowed to resist any fraud, even if it entails taking to the streets. This means there is considerable risk of unrest should Ahmadinejad emerge as the winner. But so far there is no evidence that the government is mobilizing security forces to deal with any such eventuality.

I think what Mousavi has managed to organize here today is impressive and laudable. But the frustration he has helped channel is bigger than him, and it may soon bubble over into something ugly if what appears to be early and blatant vote manipulation is allowed to continue.

The question then becomes, what are these Iranian "Greens" willing to do about it? If the election is an outright theft in Ahmadinejad's favor, will they allow it to stand?

(h/t Andrew Sullivan)


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