More Weenie Diplomacy: Now with Venezuela and Syria

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The first version of weenie diplomacy wasn't going down too well, so the July 4 invites to Iranian diplomats were rescinded. Now, not surprisingly, the administration is trying the next best thing:

US and Venezuela to restore ties (h/t Gateway Pundit)

The normalisation of diplomatic ties "will take place in the coming days, and as soon as the ambassadors have resumed their functions we will move forward to a more fluid communication," Nicolas Maduro, the Venezuelan foreign minister, said on Wednesday.
At the same time, Obama sending ambassador to Syria after years
President Barack Obama plans to return an ambassador to Syria, filling a post that has been vacant for four years and marking an acceleration of Washington's engagement with the Arab world, the White House said on Wednesday.
When I say "the next best thing" to weenie diplomacy with Iran, I mean that Iran, Syria and Venezuela have ever-closer ties:

* Direct IranAir flights from Tehran to Caracas, with stops in Damascus, which started in March, 2007.

* The December 2008 report from Italian daily La Stampa on how Iran is using Venezuela do duck UN sanctions by using aircraft from Venezuelan airline Conviasa to transport computers and engine components to Syria for use in missiles.

* Hezbollah's increased presence in Venezuela.

* Hezbollah adopting Chavez as a hero.

* Reports of Venezuela and Bolivia providing Iran with uranium (see prior post).

And, of course, Chavez's unflinching support for Ahmadinejad, while showing great disrespect for President Obama.

Can't have the Iranian diplomats over for hot dogs? Then kiss and make up with their friends.

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