Will Rafsanjani Act?

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Uskowi believes it may be the last legal recourse for Mousavi:

The only legal course available to Mousavi and his supporters, if and when the Guardian Council rejects his appeal as expected, is the intervention of the Assembly of Expert. The Assembly, comprised of 86 leading Shia jurisprudence experts, has the constitutional power to select, supervisor and dismiss the supreme leader.

The supervision and dismissal clauses have never been used by the Assembly, and it is considered vey unlikely the Assembly would now use its constitutional power to force the supreme leader to nullify the election results. What makes it intriguing, however, is the fact that Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani was elected last year as the Assembly’s chairman and has strong support within the 86-person assembly, all clerics like himself. Rafsanjani has emerged as the most powerful opponent of Ahmadinejad and supporter of Mousavi.

In his now famous open letter to Khamenei last week, he warned Khamenei on his responsibility to insure a fair election. Some of us saw the reference as a veiled threat that the assembly can and might exercise its rights to “supervise” the leader and his decisions.

UPDATE: And it looks like Rafsanjani may have stepped in.

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