The Huckabee Peace Plan, Ctd.

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Matthew Duss wonders if Mike Huckabee's Middle East peace plan (forcibly removing West Bank Palestinians and depositing them "somewhere else") will cost him politically.

It's early yet, of course, but so far it looks like the answer, as predicted, is no. From Public Policy Polling:

Our fifth monthly national survey matching up Barack Obama against some possible 2012 opponents comes to the same two primary conclusions as the other four:

1) Obama leads all comers

2) Mike Huckabee, at least at this early stage, is the strongest GOP candidate

In this particular iteration of the poll, Huckabee comes the closest to Obama that he has yet, trailing just 47-44. That's tightened since the President led 48-42 a month ago.

Huckabee also has the best overall favorability rating of the Republican quartet we tested, at 45/28.

Update: Daniel Larison offers his thoughts on the Huckabee One State Solution:

While Huckabee may not have thought out quite what this entails, it would mean either that the Palestinians remain a stateless, second-class people in the territories or that they would have to be relocated to some other territory that Huckabee would not regard as being in “the middle of the Jewish homeland.”

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