Congress Forms Russia Caucus

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Democrat Dennis Kucinich and Republican Tom Price have formed a Congressional Russia Caucus. The formation coincided with the arrival of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev to the United States. According to the official press release, Representative Kucinich stated that "the relationship between the United States and Russia has influenced the path of global development and the course of world politics. We announce the bipartisan Congressional Russia Caucus to help make sure that the relationship we share with Russia is equitable and friendly." Representative Price stated that “few matters in the international arena can be discussed today without giving due consideration to Russia’s influence in global affairs. By opening a dialogue and engaging in diplomatic fact-finding, we hope to advance a stronger understanding of Russian policy and how it affects the United States and its allies."

This official caucus will make further conversation about U.S.-Russia relations that much more interesting in DC, as it will have Members of Congress willing to speak up on issues of concern to both states. Stay tuned - this is about to get very, very interesting.

Yevgeny Bendersky is the Senior Strategic Advisor for International Operations at Jenkins Hill International, LLC and a RealClearWorld contributor.