An Iran-Israel Meeting?

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Haaretz this morning ran an interesting story about a meeting between representatives of the Iranian and Israeli nuclear program.

The article states that “this is the first direct meeting between official representatives of the two states since the fall of the Shah in 1979."

This is inaccurate.

Last year in Jordan, Iran's Science Minister Mohammad Mehdi Zahedi met with his Israeli counterpart Raleb Majdele. What is really interesting in this case is the article states that they held “mozakere,” which means negotiations in Farsi. But it doesn't say what they negotiated about.

This caused a scandal in Iran. Here are the pictures from the meeting.

The only significant aspect about this meeting is that Israelis and Iranians discussed the nuclear issue in the Middle East. Nothing more. The Middle East dimension and setting is the only thing that sets this meeting apart. Other than that, there is nothing new. Iranian and Israeli officials have talked before and have also sat in the same conference on numerous occasions.

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