Honduras: Election Tomorrow, Zelaya Talking of Leaving

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Noticias 24 and O Estado quote a source close to deposed President Mel Zelaya (who is still cooped up with his teddy bear in the tin-foil lined room at the Brazilian embassy in Tegucigalpa) saying that Zelaya may seek asylum in Nicaragua by January 27, when his successor is scheduled to be inaugurated as president.

Tomorrow the country's holding the presidential election. The election was scheduled and the candidates chosen while Zelaya was still in office. The U.S. will recognize the election.

A traffic accident involving a truck from the Armed Forces carrying election materials killed four people, three soldiers and one civilian (link in Portuguese).

While Zelaya's been asking his followers to boycott the election, zelayista candidate C├ęsar Ham is still running and is not promoting a boycott. Candidate Pepe Lobo is ahead in the opinion polls.

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