War on Terror, Ctd.

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President Obama has not treated terrorism as a law enforcement matter.

I honestly cannot fathom how people are peddling the idea that President Obama has taken a "law enforcement" view of the "war on terror." Just to recap:

1. He is sending 30,000 more troops into Afghanistan, bringing the total number of forces he has sent into combat in Afghanistan to approximately 47,000 and the total troop count to 100,000.

2. He has stepped up Predator Drone attacks in Pakistan's tribal region by orders of magnitude more than his predecessor. Those drones fire hellfire missiles, not subpoenas.

3. He authorized a special forces raid in Somalia to kill an Al Qaeda operative.

4. He reportedly authorized military cooperation in two airstrikes in Yemen that killed north of 64 people and is considering a wider military retaliation against terrorist targets there.

I understand a lot of this "terrorism as law enforcement" business is meant as a partisan smear, but it's manifestly and absurdly dishonest. It's true that the administration has sought to change some of the legal aspects of how we treat detainees, what legal rights they're afforded, and whether they'll stay in Gitmo, but any individual with a shred of intellectual honesty cannot look at the administration's record on counter-terrorism and conclude that they view it simply as a matter of arrest warrants and Miranda rights.

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