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Dutch Foreign Minister Maxime Verhagen

Not satisfied with saying that the U.S. is going to invade Venezuela from Colombia, Chávez is now saying the Arubans are in on it, too:

Venezuela says U.S. drug-hunting flights violating airspace from Curacao

Venezuela's government said Thursday that U.S. military counter-drug flights from nearby Dutch islands are violating its airspace in preparation for an attack. A U.S. official denied the allegation.

A Venezuelan Foreign Ministry statement listed no examples of such violations, but it accused the United States of using "the colonial territories of Aruba and Curacao in preparation for a military aggression against Venezuela."

Chávez, while at the Copenhagen Climate conference claimed that the islands are in Venezuelan territorial waters, ignoring they are part of the Netherlands.

The Netherlands Rejects Venezuelan Accusations, and asked Chávez to explain the spying claims.

By the way, the U.S. has been using Aruba and Curacao for years as bases for unarmed drug surveillance flights. This is not a new development.

Expect more of the same nonsense out of Hugo as the Venezuelan economic situation worsens in 2010.