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I think Max Boot is right to bemoan the lack of foreign policy focus in President Obama's State of the Union address. To me, the portions on foreign policy seemed scatter-shot and ad-hoc.

That said, this from the National Review doesn't seem right:

This is an administration that has turned its back on inconvenient victims from Tehran to Tibet to Israel. An administration that has climbed on board the U.N. Human Rights Council, despite its being a tool of Islamic states for defeating rights. And yet the president disingenuously lectured: â??America must always stand on the side of freedom and human dignity.â?

I hate to break it to the National Review, but every presidential administration turns their back on victims of oppression and injustice worldwide. Such is the way of things. There is, alas, no shortage of international injustices and only so much the president can do. President Obama is, after all, President of the United States. As a partisan cudgel, this tact just seems silly.