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What's the fate of Iran's Green movement?


To circle back to a point Kevin raised earlier today, about what we expect from Iran's Green Movement, Radio Free Liberty has an interview with U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary for Iran John Limbert, who was one of the Americans taken hostage after the Islamic revolution:

RFE/RL: You witnessed the events of 1979 and the Iranian Revolution. How do the events in recent months in Iran -- street protests and violence -- compare to those of 30 years ago?

Limbert: In my opinion there are many similarities. I think it's very hard for the government to decide how to react to the legitimate and lawful demands of the people. The more violence it uses, the more it will hurt itself in the end.

RFE/RL: Where do you see these protests going?

Limbert: I'm not a fortune-teller.

RFE/RL: I'm asking your opinion of where this is going based on your knowledge of Iran, the Iranian people, and Iranian leaders.

Limbert: In our line of work, one must always remain optimistic. We're hoping that after these problems, the people of Iran will finally have a government that they deserve, a government that treats them humanely.

None of that, however, implies an Iran with a remarkably different set of strategic interests.

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