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Rumors are now swirling over just how the spoils of victory (or, er, coalition) will be divvied out in light of David Cameron's ascension to No. 10. The Daily Mail suggests that Vince Cable's slot will be the one to watch:

Lib Dem Treasury spokesman Vince Cable â?? the main reason for the partyâ??s popularity before Nick Cleggâ??s performance in the leadersâ?? debates â?? is expected to take a post as Chief Secretary to the Treasury.

He will serve with the new Chancellor George Osborne, who is David Cameronâ??s closest political ally. The Prime Minister has resisted pressure to bring back Ken Clarke, the last Tory to have held the post.

There is a clear advantage for the Tories in involving Mr Cable in pushing through the unpopular spending cuts that will be necessary to deal with the soaring deficit.

Liberal Democrats were also tipped to secure the post of Home Secretary, one of the four great offices of state but also something of a poisoned chalice in recent years.

Earlier reports hinted at Clegg getting Deputy PM, but it now sounds as though he'll be announced as Leader of the Commons. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: Sky News is reporting that Clegg will become Deputy PM.

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