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Uribe Heir Santos Wins Colombia Presidential Vote By Landslide Over Mockus

Colombiaâ??s Juan Manuel Santos won the countryâ??s presidential runoff by a landslide, persuading voters with a pledge to continue Alvaro Uribeâ??s successes in beating back Marxist rebels.

With 92 percent of polling stations reporting, Santos has 69 percent to 28 percent for the Green Partyâ??s Antanas Mockus. Santos will take over Aug. 7 from Uribe, who brought record growth and slashed by half the number of murders during eight years in office.

Todayâ??s voting was marred by violence, after seven police officers were killed in a minefield laid by the National Liberation Army near the border with Venezuela. Three soldiers were also killed in a firefight with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, the countryâ??s largest insurgency, in Meta province.

Colombia has made great strides towards improving the nation's security. Even with today's violence, today's election was the safest in four decades according to government sources.

Fausta Wertz blogs at Fausta's blog.