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Libya and bad arguments

President Obama took this decision, Iâ??m told, fully aware that there was no political upside while there were enormous political risks. He took it fully aware that we donâ??t know much about Libya. He took it fully aware that if he took this action he would be partially on the hook for Libyaâ??s future. But he took it as an American must â?? motivated by this countryâ??s historical role as a champion of freedom and humanity â?? and with the awareness that we simply could not stand by with Russia and China in opposition. - David Brooks

In other words, the president made a momentous strategic decision on matters of war and peace that his own spin doctors admit he knew nothing about but which he understood could potentially hamstring the U.S. for years to come ... just to be different than China and Russia.

And you wonder why we're broke.