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RealClearWorld will be hosting a debate live tweet on Monday for the final presidential debate.

The lineup will include:

Michael Auslin - Resident Scholar in Foreign & Defense Policy Studies, AEI

Malou Innocent - Foreign Policy Analyst at the Cato Institute

James Joyner - Managing Editor of the Atlantic Council

Harry Kazianis - Editor of The Diplomat

Daniel Larison - Senior Editor at The American Conservative

David Shorr - Blogger at Democracy Arsenal

Plus a full compliment of RealClear staffers, in addition to the World team:

Tom Bevan - Executive Editor, RealClearPolitics

Alex Berezow - Editor, RealClearScience

Joseph Lawler - Editor, RealClearPolicy

Jeremy Lott - Editor, RealClearReligion

Brandon Ott - Editor, RealClearEnergy

Rob Tracinski - Assoc. Editor, RealClearMarkets

For those tweeting along at home, you can ask questions of the panelists and share thoughts with us at @realclearworld using the hashtag #rcwdebate.

Follow the debate analysis using RCW's Twitter aggregator here.

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