How the U.S. Navy Will Look After Spending Cuts (According to the U.S. Navy)

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U.S. Navy lays out what it will look like following budget cuts.


The U.S. Navy has laid out in detail the consequences of looming defense cuts and, as you'd expect from any government agency with its budget on the chopping block, the impact is portrayed in stark terms:

A drastic cutback in the number of strike group deployments. Aircraft flying hours in the Middle East cut by more than half. Naval operations stopped around Latin America and reduced in the Pacific. Four of the fleet’s nine air wings shut down starting in March. Two carrier strike group deployments “extended indefinitely.” Only partial training for two more strike groups.

The Navy's total budget for 2013 is $170 billion. The "sequestration cuts" -- should those materialize -- will entail cutting $4 billion from that total in one year. The Navy may lose an additional $4 billion in planned funding if Congress cannot pass a budget by March 31.

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