These Are the European Countries Sending Fighters into Syria

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These are the European countries sending fighters to Syria.


Like Iraq before it, Syria is becoming a magnet for foreign jihadists. The Washington Institute's Aaron Zelin has compiled a rough sketch of what the influx looks like and where it's coming from. Zelin estimates that between 2,000 and 5,500 foreign fighters have entered Syria of which between 135-590 came from Europe. Here's Zelin's European break-down:

* Albania: 1

* Austria: 1

* Belgium: 14-85

* Britain: 28-134

* Bulgaria: 1

* Denmark: 3-78

* Finland: 13

* France: 30-92

* Germany: 3-40

* Ireland: 26

* Kosovo: 1

* Netherlands: 5-107

* Spain: 6

* Sweden: 5

Zelin estimates that there are currently 70-441 Europeans still in Syria, mostly on the front lines in the war against Assad.

I wonder if they're all fighting for democracy and a Western-aligned Syria?

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