World Elections

Brazils Explosive Election: Democracy at Stake

Emotional fissures, dissatisfaction with politics as usual, the election campaign in Brazil echoes the challenges bedeviling democracies around the world

Canada 2019: The Battle Lines Are Already Drawn

Three issues and one wild card will dominate the next election—and determine the fate of the Trudeau Liberals

How the Swedes Kept the Populists at Bay

A months ago, I thought that it was too late. Now, I'm not so sure. Sweden's election results were as expected (how often can that be said about...

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Debate Over Asylum Will Define Canada's Next Election

With political barbs flying and hate-filled incidents on the rise, a dramatic new poll suggests most Canadians think securing the border is more important than helping migrants—and that the...

'Mexico First' Frontrunner Opens the Trump Playbook

Itâs crunch time for Mexico, where the course of the next two months will determine whether the country turns its back on a generation-long project of opening its economy to the world and its...

Letter From Jail: Brazil Needs Me More Than Ever

Brazil's imprisoned former president, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, writes an impassioned plea published by Le Monde, alongside a call by European leaders to Brazilian authorities to let Lula run...

The Rise of 'Amlo': Mexico's Next President?

A promise by Andrés Manuel López Obrador to tackle rampant corruption has helped propel him to frontrunner status but detractors paint him as an Hugo Chávez-style ‘tropical...

Mexico at the Threshold of a Political Revolution

Sick of corruption and of Trump, voters embrace the maverick leftist Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

Russia (or China) Will Help the Democrats Next

Election meddling is cheap, effective, and here to stay. And hurting the Republicans is the smart strategy for the midterms.

Zimbabwe Election: What a Strongman Leaves Behind

The overnight train from Harare, Zimbabwe's capital, to Bulawayo, the southern African nation's second city, has not just seen better days. It has seen better decades.