World Elections

An Electoral Turning Point for Hong Kong

Hong Kong barred a 23-year-old man from running for a seat on a local district council that has no real power to pass legislation. Joshua Wong, an activist who supports the protests in Hong Kong,...

Peronists Return to Power in Argentina

Argentina's Mauricio Macri has conceded defeat in Sunday's presidential elections, ushering in a return to power for the populist...

Another Election, Another Debacle in Afghanistan

Anyone following the ongoing controversies over Afghanistan's recent presidential election will understandably have a sense of déjà vu....

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League Wins Landslide Victory in Italian Regional Election

Election in Umbria delivers major blow to Italy's governing coalition.

Democracy Survives in Central and Eastern Europe

Elections in Poland and Hungary dealt a blow to authoritarian ruling parties and show that liberal democracy has yet to be snuffed out.

An Election Is the Only Answer for Britain

Boris Johnson, having failed in his do-or-die mission, must take Brexit back to the public.

This Election Brought Out Canadas Worst

Almost alone among the advanced democracies, the country has been bypassed by reactionary populism.

5 Takeaways From the Polish Election

Ruling PiS faces tougher times despite winning the ballot.

Canadian Voters Must Prioritize Defense Policies

Whichever party wins the election will face five key challenges that must be tackled soon, even if the public struggles to latch onto the issues

Tunisians Are Fed Up With Their Post-Revolution Political Class

The first round of Tunisia's presidential election underlined a critical fact about the country's fraught democratic transition: Tunisians have had enough of their post-revolution politicians. This...

European Millennials Are Different

Under-30s in Europe are more disposed than their parents are to view poverty as a result of an individual's choice.

Afghan Elections: Impressions From Polling Day

Low voter turnout and polling irregularities threaten to undermine whoever emerges as the country's next president.