Foreign Policy Corner

Will the Emergence of Eurasia Render the US Irrelevant?

Bruno Maçães says the emergence of a Eurasian supercontinent need not leave the US out in the cold if it can capitalise on its outsider status as well as secure control over the...

America Needs an Entirely New Foreign Policy

The bipartisan consensus is broken. And Democrats do their voters and their country a disservice by wedding themselves to GOP hawks.

Making Sense of U.S. Moves in the Middle East

My father and I always had a tacit agreement: “We will never speak of That Part of the World”...

Real Clear Foreign Policy

Russians Suffer Foreign Policy Fatigue

A gradual spread of public disenchantment with Vladimir Putin's foreign policy is beginning to show. But will that help resolve a backlog of conflicts?

We Are in a Very Grave Period

The grand consigliere of American diplomacy talks about Putin, the new world order — and the meaning of Trump.

We Are Witnessing the Total Breakdown of U.S. Foreign Policy

Days after Helsinki, the Russians claim big “agreements” were reached, and Washington is silent.

Who Lost China? (The Sequel)

Both parties and most economists accepted Beijing's ‘innovation mercantilism.'

NATO Isn't What You Think It Is

An attack on one isn't really an attack on all and four other misunderstood facts about the Western defense alliance.

An American Perspective of US-German Relations

Editor’s note from Geopolitical Futures: The following article is in response to a July 20 commentary by German political scientist Christian Hacke in Cicero magazine. Readers can find...

Is Russia Really Winning?

Russian critics of the West should ask themselves what it will be like if China supplants the West as the global rule-maker.

Where Is the Left Wings Foreign Policy?

The lack of a cogent platform has become conspicuous under Trump.