Foreign Policy Corner

Trump Doesn't Need a Grand Strategy

In a complex world where leaders' knowledge is always inadequate, foreign policy victories are often won through improvisation, incrementalism, and adaptation to changing circumstances.

Trumps Foreign Policy Vision Is Crystal Clear

President Trump recognizes U.S. foreign policy has for too long sacrificed economic interests and the livelihoods of ordinary working Americans for other...

Congress Must Debate America's Forever Wars

In the wake of the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, the U.S. Congress authorized the use of force against al Qaeda and the Taliban. Seventeen years later, the White...

Real Clear Foreign Policy

A Reckoning For Obama's Foreign-Policy Legacy

Veterans of the last administration are learning a hard lesson: Policies constructed by executive order and executive agreement are just as easily blown up by them.

The Danger of Process-Free Foreign Policy

The disturbing parallels between Donald Trump’s policy toward Iran and the run-up to the disastrous U.S. offensive war against Iraq keep piling up. There is a drumbeat of belligerent rhetoric,...

Trumps New, Confrontational Foreign Policy

Big on headlines, brash in demands, but short on long-term strategy, his course risks failing in Iran, North Korea, and beyond.

Freeloading Europe Unprepared to Play a Global Role

Old Continent can't do much more than watch and wait.

Is a Multipolar World Emerging?

By Jacob L. Shapiro Everywhere you turn, people are sounding the alarm about the decline of American power. The alarms are loudest in the U.S. itself. Those who oppose President Donald Trump believe...

How We Moved From Cold War to Hot Peace

The West's new confrontation with Russia resembles some aspects of the Cold War, but also features new dynamics, some of which may be even more dangerous

No One Trusts America

Peace with North Korea? Then war with Iran? Even by the standards of Donald Trump, the Washington kaleidoscope is turning dizzyingly fast. The US president says he wants a deal with Pyongyang to...

Trumps Friendships Are Americas Asset

Don't discount the man's ability to schmooze.

Washington Should Push For an Autonomous Europe

In 2016, the European Union issued its Global Strategy, the union's latest foreign and security policy strategy document. The strategy “nurtures the ambition of strategic autonomy for the...