Top 5 Countries Souring on American Leadership

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While still on the positive side of the ledger, U.S. approval has taken a hit in Japan. Relations have frayed, in part, over a contentious row regarding the relocation of the Futenma Marine Corps air base in Okinawa. The relocation plan has been fiercely opposed by local residents, and former Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama campaigned on a pledge to revisit the issue with the United States. Hatoyama ran into resistance from the Obama administration - which insisted that the relocation proceed according to previous plans -- and was forced into a humiliating climb down. Hatoyama eventually resigned, and while other factors contributed to his political defeat, the high-profile showdown with the U.S. contributed to his downfall. Global Top 5s is a monthly feature by powered by Gallup's worldwide research. Learn more at

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