Top 5 Anti-U.N. Countries

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Palestinian Territories

That Palestinians remain somewhat skeptical of the U.N.'s work mightn't come as much of a surprise to many. Since the 1947 decision by the United Nations Special Commission on Palestine (UNSCOMP) to partition the territory once known as Mandate Palestine - thus creating the state of Israel - Turtle Bay has, needless to say, played a controversial role in the Palestinian Territories. Though the General Assembly has been rather favorable to the Palestinian cause over the years, the U.N.'s key decision-making body - the Security Council - has come under fire (PDF) from Palestinian leadership for its perceived pro-Israel bias. Whether or not a looming U.N. vote in favor of Palestinian statehood will change minds in the territories remains to be seen. Global Top 5s is a monthly feature by powered by Gallup's worldwide research. Learn more at  

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