The Best Airports in the World

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Come Fly with Me

For many fliers, the airport is the least enjoyable leg of the journey. Crowded, noisy, chaotic and packed with more than their fair share of disgruntled individuals -- few people would willingly spend much time in them. Yet every year, Skytrax, the creator of the World Airport Awards, surveys millions of fliers (12.1 million, in fact) to single out the world's best. According to the Skytrax, its survey is completed by 108 different nationalities of airline customers and covers more than 395 airports worldwide. Skytrax seeks to evaluate travellers' experiences across 39 different airport service and product indicators -- "from check-in, arrivals, transfers, shopping, security and immigration through to departure at the gate." You can read their full methodology here. These are 2013's best airports. Your mileage may vary. (AP Photo)

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