Best World Opinion Sites of 2013

3 / 5
3 / 5

The National Interest

Billed as a space for "informed analysis and frank but reasoned exchanges on foreign policy and international affairs," The National Interest, according to editor Jacob Heilbrunn, flourished in 2013. "It was a banner year for The National Interest with contributions and interviews from leading thinkers such as Zbigniew Brzezinski, Ian Bremmer and Robert Kaplan," Heilbrunn said. "Under new managing editor Harry Kazianis, who came from The Diplomat, TNI has already tripled its web traffic." While it is one of the must-reads of Washington's foreign policy community, its analysts are certainly not afraid to throw elbows at the establishment's cherished orthodoxies. As for 2014, Heilbrunn told us that readers can expect a redesign, timed to ring in the New Year, that will "allow [TNI] to reach new heights." 2013 Keeper: "The Day After a Strike on Iran"

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