International Relations Theory in Game of Thrones

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Daenerys Targaryen: Neoconservative

Daenerys Targaryen is on a crusade. It started as a crusade to claim the throne for her brother, became a crusade to claim the throne for herself and is now a crusade to free foreign slaves. It's not her business; it's not her land, and besides their de rigueur sexism, the slave masters of Astapor have done nothing to harm her interests. But she has decided that the world would be better without slaves, in a loose adaptation of the democratic peace theory, and so has begun sacking cities. Though currently dragon-less, Marco Rubio is a willing heir to the neoconservative mantle. Even as the liberal-realist foreign policy dialogue reestablishes itself after a decade-long hiatus within the GOP, Rubio has unapologetically picked up the three-dragon standard of American power abroad. Underlying his foreign policy, as he told Brookings in 2012, is the crusade to spread political freedom in the Middle East and elsewhere. He favors intervening in Syria, rolling back Iranian influence and standing up to Putin's revanchist Russia, the Walder Frey of the international system.

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